I do know the organization very well as I have talked with this man nearly every day for the last 7 or so years. He is not intending to be critical of the good things HRC is involved in so much as to express frustration at many ministries in Los Angeles who are very willing to listen to what the national names will speak and prophesy and who have no knowledge of the local territory, but do not listen to local prophets, mappers, and intercessors about issues that are keys to changing the spiritual atmosphere over Los Angeles and the Hollywood industry.

As a prophet, there is a sharp edge to some of the things that DPM says. It is very easy for people to take offense or quickly become defensive. This is one of the negative traits of a prophet.

He is a prophet very much called of God and fighting a very difficult battle in an extremely hostile and difficult area. I knew him before he got called to Santa Monica by the Lord, and I have spent days and nights with him praying through some of the many attacks and battles he has faced. He really got slammed by the enemy last week during the American Film Market, as it seems that for the last two years, all of the Christians have been drawn over on the other side of the county in Pasadena during this very crucial event in Santa Monica.

Some of what you are reading in his material is not so much lack of love or critical spirit, but a lot of frustration with the church (not just HRC) which does not seem to understand that to a large degree Hollywood, which is an industry not a city, is mostly located in Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City right now and that territory is under the dominion of Baal and Asherah, right now.

All the talk about transforming Hollywood is pretty useless unless the church can gain spiritual authority over this territory where Hollywood lives and works. He is pretty much standing alone in this territory.

I visited a pastors meeting in the city two weeks ago with two other pastors from the San Fernando Valley, just to stand with the local pastors and let them know we were praying with them for the city and how could we be of assistance to their ministries.

Basically we were told to butt out! Pride and self-sufficiency is part of the blindness that the enemy uses to keep churches in the Body of Christ from working together.

Several other spirit filled churches which tried to establish themselves in the city have been driven out through financial and relational attacks which is one of the ways that this particular spirit over the city attacks.

Regarding the account of the AFM as depicted on www.MissionHollywood.org...

It is pretty factual at least according to my research, as I have been doing spiritual mapping all over Los Angeles County. One of the facts is that, many of the intercessors and Spiritual Mappers across the County are having a great deal of difficulty getting pastors and "spiritual leaders" to listen to what is going on in the streets and an even harder getting them to direct any focus toward acts and prayer which might actually have impact on changing or transforming cities, governments, and business including the Hollywood media industry.

I have no doubt that the Call has had a significant impact upon the spiritual atmosphere over Los Angeles County at least for a brief time.

Particulary, the involvement of the Indian woman who was there only as the result of 6 months of work by myself and other mappers and intercessors in Pasadena. But at the same time, there is no strategy in place for taking advantage to that opening in the heavens.

This day also cost $1 million dollars not counting the donated travel and time of speakers and bands, and I wonder how far that amount would go to put a constant presence of prayer and worship onto the streets of Santa Monica and Venice where Hollywood actually lives and works right now. I do not fault the goals and intents of the Call as I strongly support them, but it is very interesting that the timing and nature of the many meetings at Mott very effectively diverted the body of Christ from having any spiritual influence over the territory in which this annual major motion picture film market was held. So the 7000 executives and distributors of "wine of immorality which has been poured out upon all the peoples and nations of the world" were virtually unaffected by the presence of the Kingdom of God in Pasadena, as they went about their business in the dominion of satan, the territory whose ruling spirits are witchcraft, Buddhism, Scientology (also a form of witchcraft for which I have documentation) and other cults who control the spiritual atmosphere over these cities in which the majority of the Hollywood media industry lives and works.

I hope that you will take another look at the links in the e-mail and try to see them not so much as critical of HRC, but rather as a call to be aware of some the spiritual forces which are heavily affecting this whole area and through their influence over the Hollywood Media Industry, are also affecting the whole world.

I am working with Pastors from HRC to try to organize some events on Venice Beach and in Santa Monica this summer to have some effect on the spiritual climate of these territories. I also am working with the Indian woman to deal with some of the strongholds over the territory that are related to the religious practice of the Tongva Indians hundreds of years before the Spaniards showed up on these shores.