Quick assessment of the playing field reveals:

Hollywood is not a physical place, just as our government is not Washington, D.C., but rather wherever the President and his advisors meet.

If they are in Air Force One, then our government is in Air Force One.

By the same token, Hollywood consists of relationships all around the world, including the Film Markets.

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"Spiritual" Hollywood is along the Westside. Most of the Church thinks Hollywood is the physical address where the tourism is. Hence, that is where some churches hold their meetings and focus their intercession. First prayer target missed!

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In "Spiritual" Hollywood, there is arguably the strongest witchcraft in the world.

At this point, it is because no strong Spirit-filled churches have conquered or "occupied" the Westside over the past 90 years. Because of the lack of revelation of the previous generation, the "new wine" or next generation is now faced with world-class demonic principalities covering this "Spiritual" Hollywood territory with Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca Witchcraft, Sex Magic, Dianna worship and a host of others. Ruling spirits include "The Queen of Heaven, that Great Whore that seduces the kings of the world with the wine of her immorality," in order to control and influence the entire world! How? Through the media she controls, because the Church won't fight to overcome her, as Jesus says to do.

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Now, in "Spiritual" Hollywood, you have producers and actors. Many are single and do not have a strong family moral support system. (This is very important to keep one strong from compromise). Many of them are on "mood" elevators and alcohol to deal with the oppression from this heavy, sexually perverse "environment" created by these world-class "ruling" spirits, the ones that Paul talks about in the Bible.

Now on the opposing team, we have the Church's current revelation: THE LAW. And we try to convince the people of Hollywood who are under the dominion of Satan to adhere to THE LAW. We argue, protest, picket, speak against, pray against, etc., thus creating even more spiritual pressure, and they react by taking more drugs or polarizing themselves against our opinions. Wouldn't you?

Condemnation never frees anyone, including the Church!

The Goodness of God leads men to repentance (that is, if we believe the Bible from which we preach)!

I can tell you firsthand in dealing with the Church, with the lack of revelation, our ministry regularly takes very strong demonic hits, especially after our emails go out. We are simply trying increase the revelation of the Church so as to help educate and focus prayer to be effective in changing the climate in our Nation by changing Hollywood. Man, you should feel the "soulish" prayers that come flying our way like Spiritual rocks! It usually takes days to recover.

Now, we know God and we know who we are in God and that HE SHALL SUPPLY ALL OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY! Therefore no need to compromise.

OK, so we can take the strong hits from the demonic princes that most won't go up against, and we can also survive the even stronger "soulish" prayer rocks from the non-Spirit-led prayers.

Why? Because we know GOD and the power of His shed blood.

Here is the million dollar question...

If the Church or Body of Christ, who is supposed to be the "mighty spiritual army" that the Bible talks about, is unable to respond or cover or shield or break the rule off of Hollywood from these "world class" demonic principalities (the ones Paul talks about in the Bible), then HOW CAN "spiritual" HOLLYWOOD, which is the people and the relationships under the rule of these demonic Principalities, who don't know God and are on mood elevators just to get through the oppression of the day, resist the devil and the churches' "soulish" prayers?


If I as believer in Jesus Christ won't "go into the darkness" and "resist the devil until he flees" (like Jesus says to do), how can I expect a Hollywood producer who doesn't know this Loving God of all Power to resist the devil?

The Hollywood producer also has bills and deadlines and kids in school and people he loves for whom he is financially responsible, and all he is trying to do is create what the atmospheric pressure has convinced him to do, to pay the bills. Sex sells!

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Once again...

If I won't take the "Authority" and "Power" and "Dominion" in and over the spirit world that Jesus died to give me, and "shield" those in Hollywood who don't know God, how can I expect them to resist the same enemy?

If I am blinded by the enemy and don't believe there is a devil, how can I do anything but condemn my fellow man, you know, the producers in Hollywood that Jesus loved enough to die for!

Do we merely quote "I rule and reign with Christ Jesus," or do we actually do it?

Are we taking that scripture in the flesh as most of the Church does and now pickets and condemns other men in the Name of JESUS?? Or are we ruling over the spirit realm and spiritual influences that inspire these ideas into unsaved Hollywood?

Over what do we rule?

Most of the Church thinks we rule over other men. ("Now get in line, you little sheep.")

The Bible does NOT say to raise up a sheepfarm, waiting for the slaughter.... Oops, I mean the rapture!

Instead the Bible actually says, "I give as many as believe the power to 'become' sons of God."

(Please note: He does not 'MAKE' us sons, but rather with the correct revelations and the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, we are all afforded equal opportunity to actually "become" sons of God, and to demonstrate the "greater will you do...." power of God in our ministries. Now, the devil's main objective is to capture us in our "superior" intellectual pride: "always learning, but never coming into the truth"!)

We are actually supposed to rule over "all the works of the enemy" and "nothing by any means shall hurt us."

What is Apostolic authority?

Is it how many pastors I can get to submit under my limited doctrinal perspective, creating even more walls of division in the Body of Christ in an attempt to "earn" the title "Apostle" from the sect of my Christiandom peer group?

Perhaps, Apostolic authority is actually what the Prophets and Apostles in the Bible demonstrated: the ability to manifest miracles, because they had enough authority to break the ruling gods over the territories.

What, you never heard this before now? Are we still in grade school as a Church?

"Bind the strongman......"

Notice, when the ruling spirits in the Bible would first challenge Jesus, once He overcame that spirit being, He then could manifest miracles unimpeded by the adversary.

Is the devil the "god of this world," as the Bible tells us?

The Body of Christ is supposed to actually KNOW God, not just "acceptable" doctrine � as only a husband knows his faithful wife, intimately. But, if the Body of Christ will not and cannot stand up and take spiritual dominion away from the devils over Hollywood, then how can we expect unsaved Hollywood to resist the devil?

I can stand in faith and pay my rent, because I know "God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory!"

I know many young actresses who grew up in poverty, came to Hollywood to "make it" and with no money or family support, became victims of compromise in order to not end up on the streets. (There are plenty of bag women in Hollywood living on the streets. This is a constant reminder to "get the job at any cost!")

Last time...

If I, who am strong in my relationship with God, can resist the devil until he flees, but will not build relationships with and shield and cover the human beings from the world-class demonic influences in Hollywood, and instead pray FOR (not against) their finances to be released and their relationships to be healed, then who am I to condemn them because they too can't keep the LAW!

Now, God has given "first His prophets" revelation and understanding. As pastors, we receive these prophets and the revelations in their mouth, put there by GOD to help us understand, and in so doing, to prosper.

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So if you are part of the Body that is praying FOR judgment to come to Hollywood, or cannot recognize the prophets sent to us as "gifts" from God, and insist on stoning them with your "soul" prayers and accusations....

Consider this:

Moses, Aaron, Abraham, and ultimately Jesus always stood in the gap to stop judgment. It is our correct position to break the demonic rule that their sins or worship of other gods brought forth. Only when we, the Church, "worship in the gates," can we break down the demonic principalities and see the rule of Jesus Christ over our cities.

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If you are looking for or waiting for Judgment, according to the Bible, "Judgment always falls on the Church, first."


Because we wouldn't get sanctified and in-filled with the Holy Spirit and exercise our rule over the demonic spirit realm. So, instead of ruling with God in the clouds/spirit, we instead let the devil rule in our place while we resign ourselves to judge our fellow man.

If we don't dethrone powers and principalities, and then effectively meet Jesus in the clouds and sit on our thrown of dominion ruling and reigning with Him from that "spiritual dominion far above powers and principalities," where these ancient gods have ruled for thousands of years, then the demonic gods, just like in Greek mythology, will continue to have their way: "KILL, STEAL and DESTROY!"

Man against man, country against country, blacks against whites, church against church, Church against Hollywood, man against woman, etc., is entertainment for these demonic gods! It always has been.

Be sure to watch for:
The Games of the Gods
coming soon to a theater near you

What was behind the storm that almost sunk Jesus' boat? Water spirits, etc.

The witches, warlocks, African witch-doctors and pastors, American Indians, the Dalai Lama and just about every cult known to man know this. Even the Bible talks about this, time and time again. The only people ignorant to this level of spiritual knowledge is the American Church!

Why do you think we are not seeing the miracles recorded in the Bible in our churches?

The Bible says "spiritual things seem like NONSENSE to those who are perishing!"

For those with the Heart of the Lord for His creation have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying, very clearly.

Remember, the best defense is a STRONGER OFFENSE!

We apologize if anyone is offended by this letter, but let it stir you to not only to further open the eyes of your understanding, but to get increased anointing and the wisdom on how to use it from God for the battle that lies ahead for all of us!

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