Well, add one more notorious company to the list of those leaving Santa Monica. You've chased them out of your back yard -- but deeper into Glendale - FYI


Playboy, looking eastward, lays off 70

In a cost-cutting move, Playboy Enterprises has decided to cut 8 percent of its workforce, including 16-year veteran Jonathan Black. Black, the managing editor, is based in the Chicago office, like 24 of the 70 total who will lose their jobs. The move is seen as another indicator that the Chicago-based Playboy will soon become the New York-based Playboy. The company will also consolidate its Beverly Hills and Santa Monica offices into its Glendale operation. Playboy posted a loss of $605,000 in the third quarter, one year after sustaining a $2.1 million loss. The magazine brought on a new editorial director, Maxims James Kaminsky, in October to bring some freshness into the publication. Kaminsky has already said that future editorial positions will be filled in New York, not Chicago.

-- Medialifemagazine.com, November 22, 2002


Mission Hollywood Note:

Is this "new" breed of Christian, and this thing called "Prophetic Targeting" along with "Prophetic Assault Worship," a spiritual technology that works? (Please request our free CDs and videos at [email protected].)

God has had this prophetic voice saying to begin at the beach on the West Coast, Santa Monica-Venice and sweep the "gods" eastward. For those who care enough to put an ear heavenward!

P.S. Whose assignment is Glendale and New York? Anybody been raised up with real "supernatural" spiritual authority and the correct revelation of "ruling with Christ" or are we all still under the law simply capturing people and playing "Church"?

Hmm... I believe it is time to... Wake UP!

P.S.S. Because we have focused on a city with an inheritance, the media, and been faithful to first "bind" the strong men, systematically as God anointed us, we are now meeting many, many of the top people in this industry. We have also met several of the top actresses many of whom started with centerfolds in Playboy. Do you know what Playboy doesn't tell you? That's right, many of them have very terrible diseases today.

Perhaps the Bible is right! It shows us that throughout the generations, many, many socities worshiped sexual things and it also became their downfall. The good news is, there is Forgivness, Healing and Life in the Blood of Jesus.