Is there a dark secret behind the Sand Mandala currently being constructed at the Los Angeles COUNTY Museum of Art?
By the Tibetan Buddhist representatives of the Dalai Lama?

Is this part of the spiritual technology currently being implemented to take over our nation just as it was used to take over other nations in the past? (see below)

What is the hidden purpose of this intentional ritual being presented as an art exhibit?

In plain talk,

Construction of a Mandala is a supernatural procedure/invocation/ritual specifically focused at opening a spiritual gateway and invoking (depending upon the type of Mandala) multiple demonic beings as well as demonic principalities for the sole purpose of assisting the Dalai Lama to gain spiritual authority and influence over the people of that entire territory. (Over 300 have been done throughout our nation to date- see below)

You can greatly enhance and magnify this effect thus speeding the change in society if the territory, you choose to release this demonic influence into, is densely populated with the media control people and centers! (see below).

(Link to "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" an online book linking the Dalai Lama, Nazi Germany, the SS, Sexual perversions & Hollywood etc. http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Part_2-08.htm )

"The Kalachakra sand Mandala thus serves not only to initiate adepts (adepts = people who have been initiated to higher levels of manipulation of the dark spiritual realm) but also likewise as a magic title of possession with which control over a particular territory can be legitimated." (More details at the bottom of this page)

"Scattered about the whole world in parallel to his Kalachakra initiations, sand mandalas have been constructed for the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

What appears to a western observer to be a valuable traditional work of art, is in its intentions a seal of power of the Tibetan gods and a magic foundation for the striven-for world domination of the ADI BUDDHA (in the figure of the Kundun)." (This 14th Dali Lama)

Why is this location at the LOS ANGLES COUNTY ART MUSEUM so important?

All along Wilshire Blvd is the most influential corridor of the business and entertainment community in all of Los Angeles.

It is anchored on one end by a known spiritual gateway at the Ocean in Santa Monica and at the other end with the downtown center of Los Angeles. http://www.AProphetsReward.com/MissionHollywood

All along this corridor are the boardrooms and meetings places of Los Angeles Counties most wealthy and influential business, law and entertainment firms.

This corridor is the "BACK BONE" of the Hollywood PROGRAMMING industry with a huge sodomite presence all along this corridor and very few Christians in this vital territory! (Conservative estimation 200:1)

(Note: Last OCTOBER 31 secular media reported 400,000 on the streets in this Hollywood territory. Where were the Christians?

Were they instructed to walk the streets praying, to bring in the peace and presence of God?
No on the contrary they were instructed to pull away from the darkness (Jesus told them to go into) and instead hide in the churches out side the area. see http://www.AProphetsReward.com/MissionHollywood .)

Several of the Hotels that house presidents and national leaders when they are in town are also on this corridor.

Just in the entertainment end, Santa Monica for example is home of Fox primetime, Playboy, MTV, MGM, Universal and hundreds of others including production studios.

Along the Corridor we also have, Century City, Beverly Hills, the Wiltshire financial district, The Federal Center and UCLA in Westwood.

Just as important is the media control located next to and around LA County Museum.

Several key media outlets that will influence the world are located here.
Some of them in this Small cluster of High Rises in the Museum District include the companies:

E! Entertainment
HGTV (Home and Garden Television)
Initiative Media (Advertising Agency)
SAG (Screen Actors Guild)
AFTRA (Television Actors Guild)
Spelling Entertainment (Producers of Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie's Angels, etc.)
Variety (Entertainment Trade Publication)
Virgin (Record Label, etc.)
Venture Technologies Group (Owns many UPN stations)
World Television (Owns stations in LA, AZ and WA)
Entertainment lawyers, casting agencies, etc.

One mile east:

Hollywood Reporter (Entertainment Trade Publication)
Few miles west:
Flynt Publications (Hustler Magazine)
BMI (Music Distributors)
URI Ad Agency

This is just a partial list as we have not had time to fully research this location and investigate this small area that has such strong national/international media impact, as this prayer alert is already very late and had to go NOW!

When the mandala has been completed and the tantric (sexual) rituals to invoke the gods into the region done, the sand is sweep up and placed in a vase to be dumped ritually into a nearby body of water.

In the case of this mandala, the sand is to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean on January 4th 2004. (according to the LACMA press release) Could this be done in Santa Monica Bay? This is very near where the Dalai Lama did the Kalachakra Initiation at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1988, fifteen years ago and is at the other end of this Lay Line. Yes again the Santa Monica "Gateway" plays significantly into the scheme of things!


Short History of Mandalas in Santa Monica the Hollywood media peoples back yard, and their impact to date:

Santa Monica had several of these Sand Mandalas constructed by the Dalai Lama over the past fifteen years along with secret Tantric (Kalachakra)(Sexual) initiations including "quick enlightenment" ceremonies at the Santa Monica Civic Center -Across the street from where the Largest Film Market in the WORLD that influences the WORLD is held, The American Film Market-.

In these ceremonies many celebrities invited spirits into themselves to gain favor and as a result many celebrities have become entrenched in this dark oppressive system and have been pushing this into the entire world for some time now.

Since then Yoga and other religious practices have run rampant across the nation.
(Again: It all started here along this Wilshire Lay Line folks.
What ever spirit rules the "gateway" or GENISIS starting point, wins! Period!)

Now to this date there have been over 300 mandalas built in the USA underwritten by the Richard Gere Foundation
(You know, Richard Gere the actor we have been supporting for several years).

This is the same perversions of sex magic that has been used by L. Ron Hubbard (of the church of Scientology) and Jack Parsons (Founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories (works with NASA)) who conducted a ritual in 1946 in Pasadena to invoke the spirit of Babylon into physical manifestation.

The spirit that was released by this ritual is what gave Hugh Hefner the ability to change the entire world! (Please request the book "The Prophecy Chronicles Book I" -Is the Playboy corporation just possibly the largest religious organization in the world?- )

That ritual started on January 4th by the way which is the same date that the Dali Lama will be dumping the sand mandala in the Pacific ocean. Coincidence? I think NOT! (Unconfirmed report that another museum south of LA are opening up to receive these rituals)

Parsons and Hubbard were disciples of Aliester Crowley, the self proclaimed anti-Christ, and called by many as the most evil man that ever lived.

Anton La Vey from Santa Monica who was the founder of the church of Satan and the author of the satanic bible, also practiced ritual sex magic, as well as a multitude of Wicca witch covens that completely cover our nation thanks to the lack of revelation in the churches of LA not heeding the prophets in time to stop that invasion via our television/film media that only started from Santa Monica eight short years ago!

Where were the churches and the pastors who are God's stopping force?

Blinded by the principalities as usual not listening to the prophets God was send them to open their eyes!

The Dalai Lama has also released many demonic spirits giving supernatural favor to several in this Hollywood/Beverly Hills group.

This is why many in Santa Monica/Beverly Hills now believe the fourteenth Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of the Buddha and as such a god, the ruler of the world.



Reincarnation is only possible if you are a demon, therefore you can possess another human and when they die you move on to the next victim.

It is not possible for humans to live more than one life!

Therefore without realizing it, they are saying that this Dalai Lama is the fourteenth poor human being that this demon has taken over and possessed!

What are the ascended masters and where are they then ascended from?

These are men who have enabled demons to ascend from hell to posses them.

They have since become masters of deception deceiving other human beings.

More clearly, the ascended demons possess men and use them to open up other men to receive more of the demonic hoards of hell into themselves.


Because of the ceremonies preformed in Santa Monica, this is also how the Dalai Lama is now able to ask this Beverly Hills Community for the 500 million dollars he needs to promote himself as the new world religious leader that the UN and many in our national/local government are now seeking to put into position.

Where's the church?

Focusing on the low rent district arguing whether miracles and tongues are for today, fighting amongst themselves, afraid of anything spiritual including God (just like in the days of Moses) and wondering who's rapture/escapism theory is correct. God, what a mess :(

Consider this if you will:

How could millions of Jews and Christians be perversely tortured and slaughtered or raptured if you prefer, by a country (Nazi Germany) except that first there were very dark supernatural forces evoked into/over that country inspiring/ruling men under their influence!

(Note: Rapture: To be out of the body is to be instantly present with the Lord". Just like the days in the New Testament when Christians were slaughtered in Rome, which is the atmosphere when Paul wrote these things in the bible, wake up!)

Is there any connection between the "healing" circles the Lamas are pushing upon LA and the rest of the nation and the "magic" circles or witchcraft that Hitler and his SS were studying to gain authority over the people of that region and the 1000 lamas found in Nazi Germany from 1934 and beyond?

Is there any connection between the "dark secrets" Hitler and his SS were seeking to learn and the expeditions of the SS to Tibet to specifically seek out the Dali Lama and his practices, somewhat portrayed in the film "Seven Years in Tibet"?

Are there any correlation between these witchcraft magic circles and the current "healing" circle or "Sand Mandala" that these Tibetan monks are attempting to anchor in the hearts of those in LA?

Were any sand mandalas built and if so how many in Nazi Germany prior to that country going mad seeking to kill only those who worshiped the God of the Bible?

Is there a similarity to the Nazi beliefs and the Buddhist beliefs about killing every one that will not follow them?

And why has China warned the USA not to come into allegiance with the Dali Lama? (See the bottom of this email)

Is their any significance as to the placement of where these Mandala evocations are performed?

Absolutely. In today's world in order to successfully change the attitude or spirit over a nation you must first start with changing the spirit over the MEDIA PEOPLE who the nation look up to and then you will successfully influence the nation. (Sarcasm: Good work Madonna and Britney)

Playboys own web site will tell you how Hugh Hefner changed the spirit of the world through the film and television media.

Please request our book "The Prophecy Chronicles" book I "Is the Playboy Corporation just possibly the largest religious organization in the world? Is it time for the church to go "stealth" and go corporate as well?"

Where are the other Christians who will get out of the church and go into the world (Getting jobs in the studios) and stand in the gap for these people?

Ok if not a job then how about 5 moms who will do a regular prayer walk to enforce the presence of God around the LA COUNTY PUBLIC MUSEUM that is hosting this event for schools and YOUR CHILDREN! across Los Angles?

Question: why can the devil get one mom motivated enough to:

1) get abortion legalized
2) another to start MAD (moms against drunk drivers)
3) another to get the 10 commandments off the wall?
4) etc.
5) etc.
6) etc.

But God can't even get his daughters (or sons for that matter) stirred up enough to stand in the gap and make a difference for tomorrow's generations? (A good man/woman doesn't sit on their back side and wait to Rapture, instead they will leave a GOOD inheritance to future generations... according to the word!)


The Kalachakra sand mandala is called the time mandala as it is intended to change the times.

The Chakrasamvara sand mandala being constructed for the first time in the United States at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this month is the Law mandala and is constructed to invoke a world ruler.

So do we see in this ritual practice the fulfillment of Daniel 7:25?

"And he will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time."

Could it be that this whole passage in Daniel is for this time?

Dan 7:24-27

"As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings will arise; and another will arise after them, and he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings. And he will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time. But the court will sit for judgment, and his dominion will be taken away, annihilated and destroyed forever.

Then the sovereignty, the dominion, and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be
"given to the people of the saints of the Highest One;"
His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him." NAS


So apparently we/church are still hear in an everlasting kingdom after the religious spirit is raptured out of here?

Hmm... like it or not it appears that eventually we will have to wake up and move in the authority that Jesus died to give us! Occupying until He comes...

Better sooner than latter eh?

Why wait until more destruction and confusion is released upon us and our loved ones by these events?

Haven't enough Christian marriages and business and health been attacked long enough.

Why sit and allow these gateways to be opened so the demonic can increase his army against you and me?

It is less effort to stay healthy and "OCCUPY" than to allow our cities to be over run by an increase in the demonic and then spend all our time in confusion wondering what happened and trying to heal our broken marriages and businesses etc.


Robert Thurman, father of actress Uma Thurman (Star of the October 10th released Tantric warrior thriller currently topping the charts as the highest grossing movie out right now called "Kill Bill"), is considered the most prominent Western Tibetan Buddhist, he writes,

"The counter-cultural monastic movement no longer needs to lie low and is able to give the ruling powers advice, spiritual and social."

"Enlightened sages can begin to advise their royal disciples on how to conduct the daily affairs of society, such as what should be their policies and practices."

"Likewise, after a long period of such evolution, the entire movement can reach a cool fruition, when the counter-cultural enlightenment movement becomes mainstream and openly takes responsibility for the whole society, which eventually happened in Tibet."

According to Thurman, the Lamaist clergy assumes political power with - as we shall see - the incarnation of a super-being at its helm, an absolute monarch, who unites spiritual and worldly power within himself.

In interviews with the press, he has let it be known that he will experience the Buddhization of America in his own lifetime.

In 1997, his friend, the Hollywood actor Richard Gere, was also convinced that the transformation of the world into a Buddhocracy would occur suddenly, like an atomic explosion, and that the "critical mass" would soon be reach (Herald Tribune, 20 March 1997, p.6) http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Part_2-15.htm


If this were a natural invading army, it would be all too obvious why you first conquer the Media People and the PROGRAMMING center FIRST.

This is how you shape public opinion.

In a spiritual conquest to capture the nations, one would think to the church (who are supposed to be the watchmen on the wall, oops... maybe it is really the prophets and not the church?) it should be even more obvious why you first focus on capturing those in the media who shape the opinions of the world.

Next question: Then who in religion-dom came up with telling the church to focus on the low rent district in order to fulfill the great commission?

Perhaps a Spirit of religion that influences the churches?

I thought the WORD said God would send Prophets to open the eyes of the church and if we receive these prophets revelation and ACT upon them (faith without works is dead) THEN we would PROSPER!


LA County Museum of Art, is clearly pushing the Buddhist religions worship of demonic beings using very sophisticated supernatural witchcraft technology against the media professionals in an attempt to program the nations mind set.

This is not the only location where this occurs.

Every major media and political center across the nation has/is being invaded.

It is just that most in the church are blinded to this advance into our nation.

Hence we "run to and fro" (book of Daniel) in confusion not understanding that there are "KEY" times and locations to focus our prayers and prayer walks!

Follow the path of the Dalai Lama and his moves and you will see disasters follow because of the demonic beings he is conjuring up to help him capture territories.

Our own California Senator sponsored a bill to honor the Dali Lama (who won the Nobel PEACE PRIZE and comes saying "Peace, Peace" read the bible) and received great support from many of the other states as well! Wake UP!!!

A few examples from the month of September 2003;

· The day he arrived in San Francisco, the city was hit by a 3.9 earthquake.

· Shortly after he opened an interfaith center in Bloomington, the governor, a Christian, had a stroke and died. 220 Christian churches supported the activity!

· After the Dalai Lama worshipped with five lamas and was the featured guest speaker at the National Cathedral in Washington DC Hurricane Isabel hits our Nation's Capitol!

In order for destruction to enter in, the people (churches) of that territory must be deceived and willingly invite these demonic spiritual beings (or demonic angels that come as angels of light and deception) into their hearts and thus into our cities.

(Did you read the last prophet alert regarding Angel day that occurred on Saturday the day before the Mandala began being constructed along LA/Hollywoods BACK bone Lay Line along Wilshire blvd only blocks away?)


Sad state of affairs:

Where the American church is big on putting their faith in the LAW and pushing the LAW, and the ACCEPTABLE DOCTRINE and "ESCAPISM" theology, there is a major deficit of any real spiritual understanding of "OCCUPATIONAL" theology (which is what Jesus actually taught) or actual spiritual authority, which is what the bible is really all about!

Hence the deception in many churches thus fulfilling the prophecies in the bible about how the church would be deceived.

But not the elect!

Oops.. New problem,

I guess that kind of throws all those books and years of study and money and denominations who led and taught millions as they thought they had figured out who the elect were right out the window ;-)

Oh yea I almost forgot, these are in the bible as well "Blind leaders of the Blind".

Oh. I get it now.

No wonder the current church procedure is allowing millions around the world to fall in the ditch and destruction to fall upon us and our loved ones!

Visual example:

You could think of this sand Mandala construction in LA kind of like a volcano that is being opened to release destruction upon our families and us.

Think of this writing as the proverbial boy with his finger in the dike in an attempt to plug the hole that this Dalai Lama Sand Mandala ceremony is creating in that territory.

The dike is the invisible dam or barrier that stands between the living and the dead or our world and the underworld. Or if you prefer to use the words that the Buddhists and witch covens use,

"Release the essence from the depths of Mother Earth".

What are we talking about here folks?


Wake up!

Remember they opened the door to the bottomless pit! Hello!

If this dike breaks, mark these writings, we will see an increase of all types of destruction, which will start first in the media and then be seeded out into the rest of the nation and as always it will hit the church first.


Because whether the religious spirit that governs 80% of the western church understands it or not, the spirit filled, spirit led church is the only ones that have been given authority to stop these things.

And if we don't stop these things and the demonic numbers are increased into our regions it is also why we are the first that the judgment or the attack of the enemy will hit first.


Think of it as if you were a soldier and you came upon four of the enemy...

Who would you shoot first?

1) The man with his eyes opened looking directly at you with his gun pointed at you ready to fire?
2) The son who is holding a gun in a rest position looking around in confusion and hasn't yet spotted you?
3) The mother busy with her family?
4) The child?

The correct answers are as follows:

1) Shoot the man who has identified you or at least destroy his ministry so none of the others will have their
eyes opened to assist in stopping you.
2) Then shoot the son holding the gun in a rest position because if the prophets open his eyes and he grows
up to see you he could take you out.
3) Seduce the mother/woman (church) having spiritual intercourse with her so as to raise up several into a
religious perversion sending them on endless wild goose chases and use this team to kill the prophets God
is sending to wake up the church.
4) Once step three is accomplished the child will become part of the religious system and will work for your
cause, destroying the prophets and leading multitudes into the ditch

We need activated Christians who will prayer walk and take authority over OUR LAND.

NOW ! ! ! !


The spirit says "WHO WILL GO"

The prophets say "I WILL GO!"

The church says......... oh never mind.





AND QUIT GOING TO A bless me service focusing on what you can get from God and instead START MAKING YOURSELF OF SERVICE TO THE LORD BY SHOWING UP AND PRAYER WALKING THESE TERRITORIES THAT AFFECT THE ENTIRE NATION! (After looking at the condition of the church, a little more regular prayer walking might be a healthy thing don't you agree?)



(Remember it is the Spirit of God that makes intercession through us when we ourselves do not know how to pray. Or even when we are AFRAID to pray!)

------------------------------- Just for Laughs ------------------------------

New millennium suggestion;

Perhaps we should all join the ACLU and stand against this obvious push of Eastern religion from within our government-funded Los Angles County Art Museum!

Separation of Church and state should apply to ALL religions not just some, right?

(See Los Angeles Times Calendar Section front-page article by Christopher Knight Monday October 6, 2003 - is this ART or is it RELIGIOUS instruction? front page Calendar section)

Both Western and Eastern not just Christian right?

Else you are discriminating, right?

Hence the ACLU's position would be invalidated, right?

Else Christians could sue for discrimination, right?

If we are members of the ACLU we could ask this obviously simple question;

"Is it really separation of Religion or just Western religion or simply separation of Jewish/Christian church and State?"

Hmm... it already sounds a bit like Nazi Germany doesn't it?



Once the ACLU would acknowledge it is separation from Christian religion and state we would have a good court case of discrimination wouldn't we.

Perhaps Christians need to quite following the old wine skins and listen to the new wine Jesus is pouring out.

Side Note: Tibetan Buddhism has no such separation, as the Dalai Lama is both god and king. (Funny, I thought that title belonged to someone else in the Bible)



This is for the sect of Christendom that likes to picket.

Maybe we don't even need to join the ACLU instead lets simply do their protesting for them against the Eastern religions invasion into our public buildings. As we know the ACLU won't attack Eastern religion.



Simply build protest signs against what is going on at LA County Museum, however do not identify yourselves as Christians instead go undercover and tell people you are picketing for the ACLU, you know separation of church and state and put big ACLU letters on your protest signs!

Possible sign;

We the ACLU are for "equal rights" regarding separation of Church and State. The current Art Exhibit in LA COUNTY ART MUSEUM is an obvious push of the Buddhist Religion upon our schools and our society from and to government owned and operated locations.


Just as we got the Ten Commandments off the wall of the government run office, we are now demanding that this Art (religious indoctrination) be closed as this is obviously a Push of the Buddha religion which does not even have a historical basis within the establishment of this state. -ACLU-



Separation of Church and State should apply to EVERY RELIGION.

Why do you only target one RELIGION?

OR (undercover)


Now there's a protest line I can get behind!!

Fruit produced?

1) Instead of people getting mad t Jesus, as usual because of what many Christians have done in protest lines
in the past, they will instead get mad at the ACLU.

2) If this pushes the ACLU to take a public stance in the media that they were not responsible for this picket
line, it could create a revelation in the media and among citizens that perhaps the ACLU is really not
against separation of Church/religion and state but really just against Christians!

3) Added benefit is that Christians can really do something without hurting the cause of Christ, which has
happened in past attempts. This way, they will instead be hurting the cause of the ACLU and also be
exposing the unrighteousness behind the ACLU.

Now that is a good and effective plan and mission to run General!

We will be hitting several targets and objectives simultaneously and protecting the people of our cities and the Christian reputation and secular media professionals all at the same time.

Any volunteers?

Naw... let's just hide in the church buildings instead of going out into the world as Jesus told us;

"Go into the ignorance (darkness) and bring revelation (Light) into the media which in turn brings it into the people of the land."

Parable of the talents,

".... You wicked servant why didn't you take the revelation (talent) and give it to the media people (The bankers or exchangers.) that have the ability to take this idea or revelation and multiply it to Millions?

What's being taught at your church anyway?

Six months of rapture/escapism theology?

Or licking our wounds trying to heal our marriages/relationships because we can't see any hope or future in them?

Could this be perhaps because we wouldn't listen to the prophets in time to stop witchcraft from being released via the media, and so now we are reaping the fruit of what was released into nation, raising up untold multitudes into this dark magic which releases hoards of demons who are now attacking our Christian marriages?

Go ahead you psychologically based sect of Christendom, try to solve this one without the anointing!

Brother... :( No wonder ignorance (darkness) advances into our relationships and our kids across the land!


Below is a more detailed investigation into the darkness that these Buddhists are attempting to release into the fabric of our society.



"Working from the inside out, the highly skilled monks meticulously create the mandala's three levels of understanding: the secret (which represents the primordial perfect balance between the body and the mind), the inner (a map to guide the ordinary human mind on its quest for Enlightenment), and the outer (the world in its divine form)."


This link was the most informative.

Checkout that last part talking about how it relates to continents and subcontinents.


This describes the mandala not that good.


The mystery of Tantric Buddhism consists in ... the manipulation of erotic love so as to attain universal androcentric power.

The manipulator, also referred to as a "soul hunter" by Bruno, can reach the heart of the lover through her sense of sight, through her hearing, through her spirit, and through her imagination, and thus chain her to him.

He can look at her, smile at her, hold her hand, shower her with flattering compliments, sleep with her, or influence her through his power of imagination. "In enchaining", Bruno says, "there are four movements.

The first is the penetration or insertion, the second the attachment or the chain, the third the attraction, the fourth the connection, which is also known as enjoyment. ...

Hence [the] lover wants to completely penetrate the beloved with his tongue, his mouth, with his eyes, etc." (Samsonow, 1995, pp. 171, 200).

That is, not only does the lover let herself be enchained, she must also experience the greatest desire for this bond. This lust has to increase to the point that she wants to offer herself with her entire being to the beloved manipulator and would like to "disappear in him". This gives the latter absolute power over the enchained one.

(The Tibetan Tantric basically usurps or robs the female of her feminine energy building his own male/female power.

That's why you see many female/male attributes on the statue of the Buddha. Here's the connection between Hollywood and Buddhism, where Hollywood (female energy) Goddesses are being seduced to build Buddhist (male power).

The media is the Dalai Lama's most effective PR engine. Gere, Sharon Stone, Scorsese, Bertullocci, etc., etc., etc.


"We return later to historical examples in which monks carried out the dismemberment of women's bodies in reality."


Each mandala is a sacred mansion, the home of particular meditational deity, who represents and embodies enlightened qualities ranging from compassion to heightened consciousness and bliss.

Both the deity, which resides at the center of the mandala, and the mandala itself are recognized as pure expressions of the Buddha's fully enlightened mind.

Symbolically the deity confers the initiations and the mandala is where the initiations takes place.

The Kalachakra Tantra is interpreted at three levels referred to as external, internal and alternative.

The external concerns the laws of time and space of this physical world and accordingly deals with astronomy, astrology and mathematics.

The internal concerns the elements and structure of the human body, including its energy system. The alternative is the doctrine, path and fruit of the actual meditational deity and its circular mandala abode.


This whole page from LACMA shows this is a Buddhist religious push!!!!





More Details on Mandalas:

Accordingly, the magic power of the diagram gives its constructors the chance to symbolically conquer new territories.

One builds a magic circle (a Mandala) and "anchors" it in the region to be claimed.

(Peoples hearts are how they are anchored, by lovingly receiving them)

Then one summons the gods and supplicates them to take up residence in the "mandala palace".

(The mandala is, so to speak, "energized" with divine forces.)

After a particular territory has been occupied by a mandala (or cosmogram), it is automatically transformed into a sacred center of Buddhist cosmology.

Every construction of a mandala also implies - if one takes it seriously - the magic subjugation of the inhabitants of the region in which the "magic circle" is constructed."

"In the case of the Kalachakra sand mandala, the places in which it has been built are transformed into domains under the control of the Tibetan time gods.

Accordingly, from a tantric viewpoint, the Kalachakra mandala constructed at great expense in New York in 1991 would be the cosmological demonstration of power, which aimed to say that the city now stood under the governing authority or at least spiritual influence of Kalachakra and Vishvamata.

Since in this case it was the Fourteenth Dalai Lama who conducted the ritual as the supreme tantra master, he would have to be regarded as the spiritual/magic sovereign of the metropolis.

Such fantastic speculations are a product of the ancient logic of his own magic system, and are incompatible with our ideas.

"We are nonetheless convinced that the laws of magic affect human reality proportional to the degree to which people believe in them."

But who was the ruler of this time palace, who is the time god (Kalachakra) and the time goddess (Vishvamata) in one?

None other than the patron of the Tibet exhibition in Bonn, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

He destroyed the Kalachakra sand mandala in Bonn in the ritual we have described above and then absorbed its energies (the time gods residing in it).

If we pursue this tantric logic further, then after the absorption of the mandala energies the Kundun assumed control over the region which had been sealed by the magic diagram (the sand mandala). In brief, he became the spiritual regent of Bonn!

Let us repeat, this is not our idea, it is rather the ancient logic of the tantric system.

That is however in this instance corresponded with reality is shown by the enormous success His Holiness enjoyed in the German Bundestag (House of Representatives) after visiting his "Kalachakra Temple" in Bonn (in 1996).

The Kohl government had to subsequently endure its most severe political acid test in relations with China because of the question of Tibet."

Today's movies reflect many of the following paradigms, concepts, theories, methods, and myths which have essentially shaped the culture of Lamaism (and still do) and have also become central for the neo-fascist movement:

* The combination of religious and political power
* A strictly hierarchial state structures that rests upon a spiritually based "Fuhrer principle"
* The out and out patriarchal orientatio of the state and society
* A pattern of complete subordination of pupil to master
* The appearance of divine beings on earth to fulfill political missions
* The idea of a world ruler and a violent conquest of the world
* The motif of spiritual/political redemption
* The idea of a superhuman center of power in Asia, from where an influence on world politics is exercised (the
Shambhala myth)
* The legitimatization of contemporary politics through mythic roots
* A "Buddhist" warrior ethic based upon spiritual control of the body and the emotions
* An apocalyptic final battle, in which good and evil stand opposed and all nonbelievers are annihilated
(Shambhala war)
* A fascination with the machinery of war (the Shambhala myth)
* Flying discs (UFO's) - corresponding objects (flying wheels) will be put to use in the final Shambhala war
* A magical view of the world and the associated conception that the manipulation of symbols can affect history
* Techniques for manipulating consciousness
* A great interest in paranormal phenomena and their combination with politics (visions, oracles, prophecies)
* A magic/political understanding of the system of rituals in the service of the state
* Sexual magic practices for transforming erotic love and sexuality into worldly and spiritual power (Kalachakra
* The functionalization of the feminine principle for the purposes of politico-religious power

All of these pillars of Tibetan Buddhist culture are likewise ingredients of the Kalachakra Tantra constantly practiced by the Dalai Lama and the Shambhala myth this evokes. http://www.trimondi.de/SDLE/Part_2-12.htm

(Please note that after Dali Lama comes into a territory to bring healing? No that is the deception that humans are buying that is giving the Dali Lama the ability rather to invoke demonic principalities and give the cities over to them. Notice how we see witchcraft, Sodomite and perverse sexual agendas having greater favor after these events! Time to WAKE UP!)

------------------More PROPAGANDA------------------------------

World Tibet Network News
Published by the Canada Tibet Committee
Friday, December 14, 2001




On Dec. 11, exactly three months after the tragedies at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, 20 Tibetan Buddhist monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery in India will begin constructing a special mandala sand painting to heal and protect America at the Smithsonian's George Gustav Heye Center of the National Museum of the American Indian at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs House, One Bowling Green, in New York City. One of the largest sand paintings ever created in the West, this 7-foot-by-7-foot mandala will be constructed between Dec. 11 and Dec. 23.

Immediately after the Sept. 11 tragedies in New York City and Washington, D.C., His Holiness the Dalai Lama called for Tibetans throughout the world to show solidarity with America in this time of crisis and grief.

According to Geshe Lobsang Tenzin, representative of Drepung Loseling Monastery in North America, the mandala sand painting is a sacred cosmogram representing the world in perfect harmony. For centuries the Tibetans have relied upon mandalas and accompanying prayer ceremonies for healing and protection in times of tragedy and crisis.

Following the New York event, the monks, who are traveling as part of the Mystical (Witchcraft) Arts of Tibet Tours for World Healing, will go to Washington, D.C., to build a similar sand mandala at the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Jan. 11 - 27, 2002.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for New Yorkers and all Americans," said John Haworth, director of the George Gustav Heye Center. "All of us at our museum, which is only a few blocks from ground zero, have borne witness to the suffering and devastation. We are indeed pleased to be the New York venue for an event to help ease the pain and anguish of Sept. 11."

The mandala sand painting begins with an opening ceremony on Dec. 11 at noon, during which the monks consecrate the site and invoke healing forces through chanting, music and mantra recitation. To create this mandala, the monks will draw a formal pattern on the base, using traditional iconography that includes intricate geometric shapes and a multitude of ancient spiritual symbols. The monks then painstakingly place millions of grains of brightly colored sand to form the mandala. The mandala represents the world in its divine form, as well as a meditational tool for effecting healing and protection on inner and outer levels.

The completion of the mandala on Dec. 23 will be marked by a closing ceremony. The mandala then will be dismantled; the sand will be swept away, placed in an urn, and taken to the river, where it will be poured into the water. The river will then carry the healing energies throughout the world.

This special event is presented by the Smithsonian Institution, the Drepung Loseling Monastery and Richard Gere Productions. It is co-sponsored by the Office of Tibet in New York, the Tibet Fund, Jewel Heart, and The New York and New Jersey Tibet Association.

For more information about the exhibit visit www.mysticalartsoftibet.org .

The George Gustav Heye Center is located at the foot of Broadway in lower Manhattan at One Bowling Green. Admission is free. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Christmas Day. The museum is open on Thursday nights until 8 p.m., courtesy of the Booth Ferris Foundation. For more information about the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, visit www.conexus.si.edu .

Annie Warner
Cultural and Communications Coordinator
The Office of Tibet New York
(212) 213-5010 x 14
[email protected]


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