See the news before it happens.


NOTE: 3 alerts went out to Pastor Scott and his intecessors before he dropped dead.


Prophet Alert Three Followup

Is God speaking to His body today through the events we are currently experiencing?

In all fear and reverence before God and with great respect to our fallen brethren, the following is submitted for your consideration;

Many probably did not read the entire Prophetic alert 3 that went out to warn of the destruction that was being invoked into Los Angles (as well as our nation), what the source was and what God wanted us to do in order to avert the disaster.

Oh well...not without warning...Boom!

Please request prophetic alert three and we will send it again.

Break down...

1) The Sand Mandala that the Lamas were building in LA County Museum finished on Wednesday. As the portal to Hell was opened, and demonic hoards were evoked to cause destruction throughout southern California,

2) Within an hour, the LA police dept and fire dept responded to many in the area around the museum smelling something seeping up from underground around the museum and promptly closed the streets around the museum. (Those of you that deal with demons do not need to be reminded that many times you can smell the demonic, however we realize that this is news to 89% of the American Church.)

3) Within two hours of the demonic being released from the sand mandala witchcraft ritual at the LA County Museum, Pastor Scott Bauer of the largest Foursquare church, Church on the Way in Los Angles, was stricken and dropped on the pulpit and is no longer with us today.

4) Within two days the media reported that there was a "ring of fire" all around LA. Fire fighters on secular news report that they have never seen a fire like this in all of their career. It was supernatural; doing things fires should never do, like burning into the wind etc. These were the "healing rings" or "Circles of Bliss" or "magic circles" that were being built by the Lamas. Note: contained within the sand mandala were blue demons with fire rings all around them!

5) According to Revelation 9: what was released was commanded, Not to hurt any Green thing, so the winds changed and the DEAD trees around Big Bear and Arrowhead were consumed!

Do we have your attention yet?


October 28, 2003 edition

People & Lifestyle

Senior Pastor of The Church on the Way Dies

Scott Bauer, senior pastor of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, Calif., a Foursquare congregation founded by Jack Hayford, has died. Bauer, 49, died last Friday after he experienced an aneurysm hemorrhage at the conclusion of last Wednesday night's church service. Bauer is Hayford's son-in-law.

"It is with deep sadness and great rejoicing we announce the home going of pastor Scott Bauer," a message from the Church's Web site said. "...The Bauer family and the elders of The Church on the Way want to thank the host of believers worldwide who have expressed their love and sympathy."

Bauer, who also served as supervisor of the Los Angeles North Valley District of Foursquare Churches, took over as the senior pastor of The Church on the Way in 1999, after serving alongside of Hayford for nearly 15 years. The congregation attracts about 7,500 people for Sunday services.

"Scott was a respected brother, pastor and leader within our church, as well as to the body of Christ at large," Paul Risser, president of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, said in a statement. "The impact of this loss will be felt around the world."


Why the focus on Pastor Scott?

Consider this: what if God needed to sacrifice one of His own in order to get the attention of multitudes in the church to wake up in time to win this war, wouldn't the man in Pastor Scott's position be the most effective servant to take home in order to SHOCK the Church awake?

----- What is the next target of the demonic to conquer our Nation? -----

Without you realizing this, King Solomon lost his rule once his heart was changed!

The next wave of attack will be the heartland or heart of our Nation!

Jesus said, "Guard the heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life."

If we do not defend the heart of this nation we will lose the war!

Up until now the invasion has been against the mind or image center of the nation via the media our of Santa Monica/Wiltshire corridor and Manhattan NY.

-- Notice first at the Santa Monica Gate way sacrifice of innocent blood. --

Headlines read, Man blinded, Accelerator to full, 10 killed 25 wounded.

-- Notice months latter the Manhattan/Staten Island NY gateway. --

Head lines read, Man blinded, Accelerator to full, 10 killed 25 wounded.

Both of these Gateways are the access into the media control or mind of our Nation.

Is this beginning to wet your curiosity yet?

----- Short unknown history regarding the reign of Pastor Scott Bauer -----

Prophets approached this administration several times over the last 8 years.


Because of the potential to rally the 7,500 intercessors as well as other church congregations throughout the world in time to stop witchcraft into our Nation in time to stop the current Harry Potter trend. (Note: Witchcraft is the root, sexual perversion is the fruit.)

There was a beginning or genesis of the current established witchcraft trend pushed throughout our Nation via the media.

It started with one program where the producers were meeting with real Wicca witches.

This was the beginning of the familiarity with witchcraft that multitudes are now being indoctrinated with throughout the Nation.

The Bible admonishes us to take the talent or revelation to the banker or exchanger that he might multiply it.

However Pastor Scott and his staff wouldn't listen to the prophets nor was any intercession formed to stop this before it became an epidemic that we are all dealing with today.

Only after the dyke broke because of this first program and now 13 dark cult programs are on prime time and Harry Potter is established reading in some schools, do the staff decide that maybe it is time to pray. That was years after being warned by God in time to stop what we are experiencing today. (Note: Write about this one Pastor John Haggie.)

Pastor Scott and his staff (as well as many of the other leaders, TBN, CBN, Focus on the Family, Pastor John Haggie, James Robinson etc.) were approached prior to the problem again to stop Foxes prime time program Freaky Links which was designed to direct millions of youth to an occult web site, the staff leaders shunned the prophets asking to be removed from any further contact with them!

(Because the Lord said, "If this one goes the game will be over almost overnight because of the high level of witchcraft that the Nation would be connected into. The modern church would have been caught completely off guard as they are unprepared for what is being prepared to be released against them." So the prophets themselves were forced to stop this at great personal cost.)

Pastor Scott's staff were also invited to help occupy the Largest Film Market in the world located in Santa Monica and instead helped focus 30,000 in the opposite territory that the Queen of Heaven and Leviathan were actually interested in leaving those in the actual ground zero to be severely assaulted by the increased demonic invasion to control this film market. The Kingdom of God lost several churches in that time around MTV, PLAYBOY, FOX PRIME TIME, MGM etc., and Buddism took their place to further influence the Mind of our youth via the media.

Please see

And finally and attempt to warn against the sand mandalas of the Dalai Lama and the plan of these 23 events to release destruction across Los Angles and the other counties, which happened almost overnight at the conclusion of the mandala construction.


Over and over again no matter what approach was used they refused to hear.

Instead we heard of endless prayer meetings taking place for the last several years, where many intercessors were praying that Pastor Scott would have his pride humbled. (Please note; I did not say Pastor Scott was proud and needed to be humbled. I simply reported on what many others were focusing their time on and praying)

Question: Is this the most effective intercession focus for a 7,500 member church congregation to pray in order to change our territories?

Why didn't the church instead focus on taking down the poverty principality in Van Nuys California that they are located in?

Or the porno industry that is located there, or the targets the prophets were attempting to bring throughout LA?

Meanwhile small bands of prophet intercessors were aggressively taking out demonic targets having national and global influence. However, again this was at great personal cost!

Why is the modern church so inwardly focused upon itself instead of the area where they are supposed to rule and reign?


If God put a man in a position to block or bring forth the focuses of God into the acceptable prayer focus of God's churches and he didn't, and if the intercessors became so self absorbed in only their local church politics, then what other choice would God be left, in spite of God's love for the man?

(Some influences Pastor Scott had: Main Foursquare Church, Angles Temple, Tommy Barnett's LA Dream center, Thousands of pastors around the world and the ear of TBN, CBN, etc.)

Is God removing the idols from our eyes?

The prophetic is always ahead of the judgment.

Three days before the fall of this man of God, we told our congregation by the Holy Spirit, "Our purpose is not to raise up followers to ourselves, but rather we are here to help you hear from God, learn to take authority in the territory God told you to rule in, follow what God is calling you to do!"

"DO NOT ever put me up as an image or idol but rather do what God says so that it doesn't become needful for God to remove me in order to get your attention!"


What does God do when the church refuses the prophets God sends to help the church stop the demonic into our Nation and the Church leaders, who plan the intercession agendas, will not listen?

Only those who love Pastor Scott will somehow see this as a slam toward him which this is not intended and they will come against this writing and this prophet as they still do not have eyes to see nor perceive what the Holy Spirit is saying in all of this.

Now that is a great Lamentation and for a Lamentation!

Did Pastor Scott then die in vain?

God's own heart? "What will it take to wake up MY Church?"

Unfortunately Pastor Scott himself is no longer here to shape the mind of Gods intercessors or give his opinion, however we all are still here and God expects us to win these battles!

--- Are all these events related? ---

Did Pastor Scott die in vain?

Only time will tell.

You be the judge.

We already outlined how these mandalas call forth major principalities from hell and release them into our territory.

We already gave the book address and information about how Hitler and Nazi Germany used this very sophisticated spiritual technology to gain authority over Nazi Germany and against the Jews. (see web address at the bottom of this page) Please request Prophet Alert 3 and we will resend it.

Unfortunately because of the length of these emails which can be attributed to the lack of revelation in the body of Christ at this level of spiritual confrontation, we suspect that many times these emails are not completely read or understood.

These alerts are designed to be study guides to quickly raise the warriors level of spiritual revelation in order to be successful in the battles that lie ahead for all of us in the Body.


Prophet Kim Clement has been saying for years that God was shifting the rule from the house of Saul to the house of David, the Giant killer (principality killer).

Jesus said for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Well folks, today I believe it is obvious, to at least a few, that the house of Saul is now dying or rapturing if that terminology brings you more comfort.

The reign of Saul is ending and those that are not joining to God's anointed, David, will not be able to stand against the level of demonic that is now increasing into our territories because of the sophisticated witchcraft that the Dalai Lama and others are performing in LA and across the Nation, to fulfill the scriptures about opening the bottomless pit and releasing Abaddon or Apollyon principality of destruction.


Revelation 9

...and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him

(Seven years ago the mayor of Pasadena gave the Dalai Lama the Key to Pasadena, which, God reveled to prophets in Pasadena, represented the Key to the Abyss. The Dalai Lama has already received the Noble peace prize. Remember the anti-Christ comes saying peace, peace etc. Seven is also the number for completion.)

...and he opened the bottomless pit and smoke went up out of the pit

(The Lamas completed the sand mandala on Wednesday and a supernatural smell arose that caused the police and fire dept to close all the streets around LA county museum!) the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke of the pit

(Look outside your window Southern California. Note: California senator sponsored a bill to Washington, DC honoring the Dalai Lama. You will also notice Buddhist statues behind some of her national TV promo. Several Senators voted in favor of the Bill. Then the Dalai Lama was invited to speak in DC at the National Church Cathedral. Then the hurricane struck Washington, DC. Coincidence? Open your eyes least you stumble)

...and out of the smoke came forth locusts upon the earth and power was given to them as the scorpions of the earth have power. And they were told that they should not hurt the grass of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree.

(The LA fire was turned as the wind direction was commanded to change and now is consuming the San Bernardino National forest of which much is dead dried wood because of the Bark Beetle infestation. This is in the Big Bear and Arrow Head areas).


Are you angry that we talked about our brother in the Lord whom we knew personally or are you finding this interesting yet?

Please note; we did not kill anybody, so do not be angry if we have eyes to see what the Holy Spirit is revealing.


Other intercessors report of seeing a blue demon standing on the mountains around LA throwing fire all around LA. Note: if the web camera at the LA museum did not become some how broken right when this mandala was completed in this last week, you could possible see the Blue Demon with a ring of Fire around him for yourself. Two days ago the secular media announced LA has a ring of fire around it!)

Yes what the lamas evoked was seen in the natural.

----- Battleship or Pleasure Cruise ----

The bible does not say when seasons of warfare come upon us but rather when seasons of refreshing come up on us.

The natural condition of the church should be spiritual warfare not looking for the next Retreat!

God's vision of a pastor:

Man's vision of a pastor:

Results: shipwrecked again not winning the battle or protecting our shores!

-- Do you still desire to look the other way and ignore these events, leaders of God's pleasure cruise? --

Many pastors own homes are being threatened.

One said, "It's all happening too fast."

If you can perceive, the Prophetic message is this...

While you were planning Sunday bake offs instead of preparing God's spiritual warriors for the spiritual battle that the bible warns of ahead, now the army unprepared, is being hit by the demonic which is being released so fast upon us that we are being caught totally off guard and are not ready for this level of attack.

You say Judgment?

It will start with those that wouldn't raise up God's people with a heart like David. A heart for war!

Even though we would rather look the other way and discredit the prophets again, as in the past, now this destruction is in our own back yards threatening your homes and you have to deal with it.

Side note: Isn't it interesting those prophet's homes, which brought forth these warnings, are/were not threatened and instead are prospering and moving into the next objective before it happens? (You interested in the next area of focus yet? This writing is coming from NY by way of the Heart Land of the US.)

God wants us in the FIGHT! NOW!

God says, "How close do the fires of hell need to come to you and your loved ones before you will head my voice and get involved?"

Question: do we still have time to waste in unbelief or do we need to get the revelations God is sending us?


Ezekiel 7

5 Thus says the Lord God, a disaster, unique disaster, behold it is coming!

6 an end is coming; the end has come! It has AWAKENED against you; Behold it has come!

20 and they transformed the beauty of His ornaments into pride...

(Have we, the Church, made our leaders idols, where we perceive pride that we believe is what we need focus our prayer against as was the case of our beloved Pastor Scott Bauer, who was simply a man with some of the giftings of God trying to do a job the best he could within the limitations of these giftings? Or the way many perceived the prophet in Santa Monica as they were instead doing gods (demonic, little "g") work by praying for destruction to come up on him to humble him?)

21 and I shall give it into the hand of foreigners (Dalai Lama) as plunder and to the wicked of the earth as spoil and they will profane it. (Like the media industries, unclean Buddhist push.)

24 therefore I shall bring the worst of the nations, and they will possess their houses.

I shall also make the pride of the strong ones cease and their holy places will be profaned.

(Many Buddhists have taken over churches and synagogues, which were previously the houses of the Lord in LA and NY, the media capitols of the world!).

25 when anguish comes, they will seek peace, but there will be none.

26 disaster will come upon disaster, and rumor will be added to rumor; then they will seek a vision from a prophet and there will be none, but the law will be lost from the priest and council from the elders.

(This prophetic voice is about finished with addressing the Church. What if all the prophets simply give up and go away?)

(However, Church Leadership says: Yes, Pastor Scott had a brain aneurisms from his youth and we were blessed to have him while he was here; and now, God has another assignment for him in Heaven. However, God is not saying anything by his passing at this particular time and this has no baring on anything spiritual.

Good, do you feel comforted now? Keep that tithe money coming.


I don't know about you but his dropping dead at the feet of the prophets in his own pulpit has put the FEAR OF GOD in me and the Bible says that this is good as it is the beginning of wisdom!)

------- Make No Mistake --------

It is not about one pastor or one denomination or even one incidence. This is the beginning of judgment against the Church.

Other unconfirmed reports are coming in from across the Nation that over 30 other pastors have also dropped within the last year.

Zechariah 13:4-6

"Also it will come about in that day that the prophets will each be ashamed of his vision when he prophecies, and they will not put on a hairy robe, in order to deceive; but he will say, I am not a prophet; I am a tiller of the ground, for a man sold me as a slave in my youth. and one will say to him, what are these wounds between your arms? Then he will say, those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends."

(Because of the level of the demonic that enter in year after year, because the church leadership would not listen to the preventive mission assignments given year after year by the prophets that would have shielded the territories, and because of the wounds received by the church coming against God's prophets, the prophets give up on the church and go underground or Stealth in order to survive. How do I understand this scripture? Because God Himself spoke to this prophet and said, "I have sent the prophets to the church and they have refused them, now I Am sending the prophets into the world!"

Side note: We now have access to some of the wealthiest people in the world as well as the most influential people in the media. Just like the prophet Daniel. Hmmm... go figure.)

--------------- Why the Heart? --------------

Other unconfirmed reports are coming in from across the Nation that over 30 other pastors have also dropped in the heartland.

Note: Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life.

Note: King Solomon lost the kingdom and God came against him because his HEART was changed.

The correlation:

Think of our Nation as a body.

The demonic first came against the mind or image center via conquering our media, now the Dalai Lama is planning to set up in Ohio or the heartland of our Nation! The Heart of Our Nation is being Invaded by Tibetan Witchcraft


Once he conquers the heart the game is over just like King Solomon.

God always sends His prophets ahead of the plans of the enemy.

The church is always behind. Why?

Because they listen to the leaders who are not hearing what God is doing but rather push their churches agendas and sell books about what has happened instead of what we can do to protect our loved ones.

Do you believe the word of God?

God does not first reveal to His Pastors leading the big churches or TV ministries.

Instead the word says God first reveals to His prophets and if we receive these prophets we will prosper!

Consider Daniel and the twenty-one day fast that many intercessors turn into a LAW.

If I fast 21 days then God will move. Then they wonder why God didn't move!

Carnal revelation!

That passage instead reveals that God's own prophets have a battle to hear past the principalities ability to blockade the revelations of God.

If the prophets are battling through to get Clear and Clean revelation (open heaven) is it any wonder the pastors are not hearing clearly?

---- The problem? ----

By the time the princes cloak of invisibility is broken and no longer influences the pastors, the prince has already finished his dirty work in that region and is on to the next objective.

In other words if you are a leader and can now receive this and understand it then it is already too late.

Since the word of God cannot be broken, not even by the most spiritually intellectual and prideful pastor or the witchcraft, it is true that God First reveals to His prophets. Pastors and Prophets are meant to work together. Alas, fear and spiritual pride again get in the way.

So, much like a large battleship with a pastor at the helm, who refuses to listen to his sonar or radar operator who can see into the invisible and warn in time to avert the disaster, once again the battleship (which has actually become a pleasure cruise waiting for the rapture) is once again SHIP WRECKED and the demonic advances even further invading our Nation!

-------------- AWAKE! ---------------

Note: the Buddhist project currently being implemented throughout the world in order to eliminate Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the world, is called the "AWAKE" PROJECT!

--- Why are the Pastors stricken first? ----

Zechariah 13:7

"AWAKE", Oh sword, against My Sheppard and against the man My associate declares the Lord of Hosts. Strike the Sheppard THAT/SO the sheep may be scattered and I will turn My hand against the little ones and it will come about in all of the land declares the Lord that two parts of it will be cut off and perish; but the third will be left in it. And I will bring the third part through the fire, refine them, as silver is refined and test them as gold is tested. They will call on My Name and I will answer them; I will say, THEY are My people and they will say, the Lord is my God.


Notice 2/3's of the church congregations are eliminated and one third is actually brought forth.

Question; is God beginning to reveal who REALLY belongs to Him?

The Church is reaping what she has sown.

Wimpy sheep that have not gone through the fire nor been prepared to stand in the evil day. The religious system has been raising up sheep waiting for the slaughter, that they call the rapture. This is what will happen to their followers.

God is saying, Go stealth and align yourselves with the prophets in order to survive and bring this thing into an eventual victory.

The US Church denominations are experiencing divorcees like never before. Why? Because they did not prepare their spouses for warfare, because warfare churches do not bring in the same revenue as user-friendly churches.

The WORD says when seasons of refreshing come upon us, not when seasons of warfare come up on us.

You see warfare should be the normal mode of a church of the LIVING GOD.

However we currently have church of the religious bless me throw a RETREAT church, which is now being judged, as it cannot stand so they die! Or rapture if you prefer.

--- consider this ---

No army in the condition of the US church would ever be able to occupy anything or over come an invading army. And hence you are seeing it in the natural across our lovely nation as the demonic advances.

DAVID prepared his men for war and David had a heart for God. You see the Bible tells us David was a man of war!

Joshua and Caleb's attitude was, as I was as a young man so am I today, I have a heart for war or I like to kick the devil's butt!

That is; spiritual war not PICKETING and coming against men as is so common in the modern church.


Do you realize how many carnal Christians are falling right into the plan or trap of the enemy by coming against homosexuals?

1) Anti-discrimination laws are already in place.

2) From Santa Monica CA and Manhattan NY Sodomite programs are being launched shaping the image or Spirit of the nation. (Program a nation for two years and you will change the Spirit that rules the image of the nation. Look at Canada. Same sex marriages are only a matter of time in the US unless we wake up and spiritually conquer the programming or missile launchers.)

3) Senator Kennedy is pushing hate crimes legislation and a ban on the bible under hate crimes.

4) The patriot act is already in place, which allows you, or anyone to be snatched right off the street or out of you're home and held indefinitely with no rights. They can torture you rape you or anything they like as you have no rights or no recourse. Patriot act II means if I see you taken and tell anyone, they will take me too!

--- How can we tell that the devil believes Jesus is Lord? ---

Because his followers actually do what Jesus tells us to do.

The witches have been doing it not by might, nor by political power, but by the spirit

--- The Church ---

Long Island New York, a family out of the heartland showed up and picketed against a high school: "God hates Gays, God hates America." The secular news of course picks this up and blasts Christians under hate crimes.

Excuse me, but are these Christians actually following the Holy Spirit? Perhaps they are instead in their flesh, creating the environment for the world to slaughter Christians (or rapture them, if you prefer). Either way it means death!

---- Eyes to see ----

What was the actual message TBN sent to Hollywood with the films they produced?

Make it look like religion, market it to the pastors, convince them to buy all the seats in the theater!

So Ted Turner did exactly that.

He copied the marketing strategies of TBN and had his marketing dept. contact pastors across the Nation, convincing them to buy all the seats in the theaters across the Nation. He even got pastoral endorsements on Christian TV for His movie about the civil war.

Then he had the generals in the movie on both sides quote scriptures and pray to God. Then, for over one and one half hours, we watched both sides, who had prayed to God, slaughter each other in the name of the God of the Bible.

This went on for over 90 minutes! until even the least enlightened Christian eventually began to wonder. Some even got the real message of the film.


Ted Turner lost so much money that he will never do a film with the name Christian attached to it again. How do we know? Because our associate spoke to him directly about doing another film.

Was this ever reported on Christian TV or any other source?

Do you think any one has eyes to see or would DARE to ever allow the prophets to bring forth these revelations?

We actually had a lovely dinner with an executive from Warner Brothers distribution and they said they would have promoted the Omega Code as they thought it was well done, and they couldn't understand why the Christians jumped the gun and didn't contact them or go through proper channels (building relationships) the way every other producer in the world must. Distribution is a necessity in order to have a successful film.


Why could the prophets in Santa Monica stop the same director of the Last Temptation of Christ from receiving any of the $500-Million from the AFM (Film Market) and stop him from receiving any of the five academy awards for which he was nominated?

By dealing with the demonic spirit that the Dalai Lama had released to give this human favor. (Doing it by the spirit dealing with the spirit)

This battle MUST be fought spirit against spirit not flesh against flesh!

The church could not cause a disfavor on the Last Temptation Of Christ and instead promoted the ticket sales by picketing it.

Why wouldn't this same establishment that obviously wants to help promote the Kingdom of God not open up to receive the revelations from the prophets who actually are CHANGING THINGS?

Will we learn from our mistakes?

"Not by might, nor by power, but BY MY SPIRIT," says the LORD.

Wouldn't that help the over all objective of the call of God upon all of us?

What is God saying in all this?

After Pastor Scott's Church was approached several times by the prophets in time to stop the witchcraft trend before it went across the nation and wouldn't listen.

After Scott Bauers staff and himself were approached to help stop Freakylinks a Fox prime time program that would have directed youth across the nation to occult websites and they mocked the prophets.

After the Largest Film market fiasco and now missing what caused the disasters in LA,

In all fear and reverence before God and with respect to my brother in the Lord, he is no longer in the battle nor directing the troops focus or able to block what the prophets God sent him are trying to say to Gods people. Anyone else care to attack what God is saying through His prophets?

No probably not, we'll just keep up the no communication shut door policy and call these prophets "Loose Cannons". (Side Note: The term "Loose Cannon" came from I believe the civil war days when some brave warriors would actually break apart from the main army who stood in a line shooting at each other, and instead these "loose Cannons" took it upon themselves to take out strategic targets and actually won the war!
Any other "Loose Cannons" out their?

--- Hmm... Perhaps the word of God is true! ---

I am so extremely heart struck and saddened by Pastor Scott passing as it is NOT Gods best, but it is needful for the purposes of God.

This is a very hard thing to say but if it can WAKE UP the rest of the Church in time, then Gods own purposes to alert the Church and bring them up to speed to deal with the level of demonic currently being released against the church will be accomplished by this writing and then Pastor Scott will not have died in vain!


Why did we the Church, leave God no choice but to take Pastor Scott Bauer?

Why don't we begin to hear what the prophets are saying and get involved?


Do you know how many attended the prayer meeting for Pastor Scott's life to be saved?

Answer = Thousands.

Results = God took him.


How many showed up for the Dalai Lama ritual that has brought destruction upon southern California?

Answer = Four of our own only one day, none from that 7,500 congregation.

Results = not enough to seal the volcano that is now releasing destruction into LA.


How many showed up for the 2000 people Wicca event in Santa Monica that closed all the ports along he west coast?

Answer = seven of our own, unfortunately only two were anointed to pray at that level and it was really impossible as we were out numbered and suicide missions are not in our sphere of reality.

Results= 60 billion dollars lost effecting the entire nations economy and Christians across LA being attacked with heart problems. (Note: Christians are always the ones complaining about financial problems. Hmm... Perhaps if we would get involved in God's prayer targets God Himself would bless us?)


How many showed up at this last year's largest film market in the world?

Answer = about fifteen. Thirty thousand were misdirected into an entire different arena.

Results= the last two churches around MTV (most powerful programming weapon against the youth of our Nation) and Playboy Channel, MGM, Fox prime time etc. were all blown out of Santa Monica. Venice Foursquare church's pastor's wife violently fired from her position as the dean of life bible collage and now has left her husband who at the time of this writing was recommended by those who work with Pastor Scott Bauer to take a vacation and leave his post for the next eight weeks.

And now in spite of the religious who prophesied against the prophet in Santa Monica by the demonic prince that was doing the evicting, calling that prophet prideful, the prophet in Santa Monica is now a landowner on the cliff over looking the ocean and solidly placed in the most expensive and powerful spiritual gate way into the Hollywood media.

Is this the Pride of the prophet as if he himself had anything to do with this obvious blessing from God or is this the hand of God revealing the plan of God?


What is God saying in all of this?


Quite giving the bible lip service, and start to believe it and execute it and lay down your life and take a dominion away from the devil and shield and protect your sphere of reign!

Make no mistake the spoils will go to the brave who take the spiritual authority away from Satan!

Make no mistake God plans on winning, which is why He sends the Church prophets. It is also why He allows the demonic to take out those that will not keep up with what God is doing.


Why would pastors come against the prophets of God?

Is it true that Spiritual pride always comes before the fall of the man. Even if he is standing in the pulpit when he falls. We have heard of pastors who have falling in the pulpit at the feet of the prophets! (This DOES NOT mean that the prophets are better than the pastors. BOTH are to be jointly fit working together. The problem is that they refuse to heed the prophets or give them serious consideration.)

Do not be shocked at what you are about to see in the body of Christ but instead embrace those that are teaching territorial warfare and how to occupy as God plans on winning.

And those of you hoping for the sinner to be judged remember judgment first starts in the house of God.

And it is not because of sin in the leaders (the blood will deal with that if they have a repentant heart before God) but rather because leaders will not receive the prophets and their anointing for the battles ahead and instead of listening to God and doing what He is saying, we keep pushing our form of godliness and doctrine upon the lost. Then when the demonic comes in we ourselves cannot stand!

Simply more food for thought.


For those that have the eyes and ears of the Holy Spirit! Let them come!


Please check out the following references:

Link to "The Shadow of the Dalai Lama" an online book tying the Dalai Lama, Nazi Germany the SS, Sexual perversions & Hollywood etc. The Shadow of the Dalai Lama