Strategic Prayer Target to Protect the Spirit of the Heart of our Nation from Changing...

The following information and documentation illustrates how Tibetan witchcraft is the "horn" that has been raised up to make war against the Saints of our Nation to overpower them (Daniel 7:21-22). Today, like never before in history, God is pouring out the needed revelation to equip the Saints ... that His mighty spiritual army would take back the promised land of God our Nation.

...and now,

The Heart of Our Nation is being Invaded by Tibetan Witchcraft
by D.P.M, Mission Hollywood
November 2003

See: L.A. Times Report

This is the root of the Anti-Christ spirit that is pervading our Nation and youth. Jesus said, "Lay the axe to the root" not simply the fruit, if we want to see change!

Why would the devil deceive these Tibetan pawns into releasing sexual demonic principalities into the Heart of our Nation Columbus, Ohio?

This witchcraft is the root of the tree that produces pornorgraphy, rebellion, marriage failures, etc., as well as major destruction. Please read on, as this is only the tip of the iceburg of problems whose roots we are about to reveal to you today.

So, If You are Ready, Let's Begin...

Pay special attention to the map below that shows every water way, national park and capitol city in the USA where these gates of hell have been opened, unhindered by the Church, and the land is already defiled by these sexual rituals.

Locations of Tibetan Vases and Sand Mandalas

Locations of Tibetan Vases and Sand Mandalas

Note: The green dots depict the gates of hell that have already been opened. When a gateway is exercised in these rituals, over 922 different types of prinipalities, all with their own assignments, come through this single portal (Rev. 9:3).

The red dots depict where bottles have been burried containing semin, menstrual blood and vulgar bodily excretions as a part of the ritual to defile the land and bring forth hoards of demons of sexual perversion. And, get this, our tax dollars are paying for all of this in the name of "Tibetan Art"!

That's Right, Folks, We Have Already Been Invaded!

See: Covert Operation

This is not a joke! Incidentally, these are not simply sexual defilement; rather, every level of attack as will be revealed below. This is only one of the many spiritual weapons currently being implemented against our Nation.

Note: With further investigation, the reader will rapidly come up to speed as to the reality of what has been and is being done.

Don't believe it? Look around, it is working, folks...

Time for us to have the eyes of our understanding opened if you are ready. Accurate prayer targeting is what will bring forth the Kingdom of God's rule.

An asleep Church is why the Nation has gone as dark as it has, we simply couldn't understand or refused to believe where the attack was coming from!

This ancient witchcraft, of which the Bible warns us, is now beginning in the heart of our Nation Columbus, Ohio where they will attempt to turn the Ohio River (Main Artery of our Nation) as bitter as wormwood (Rev. 8:11). If successful, this will radically turn the spirit of our Nation further against God and against any Christian leadership.

... but now I am getting ahead of myself.

Read on... (continued)

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The Heart of Our Nation is being Invaded by Tibetan Witchcraft

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