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Coincidence 1,290 Woman drowning with pneumonia calls the prophet. Results: Her lungs instantly cleared, completely healed.

Coincidence 2,398 Jewish woman asks Prophet to go to hospital and intervene for little boy with terminal cancer, expected to die within two days. Results: Child completely healed and playing outdoors with the neighborhood girl next door two days later 🙂

Coincidence 2,754 Prophet deployed into Tribeca NY, gets on wrong subway to Brooklyn, gets off, terrible intervention, exhausted, gets back on subway to hotel room, TV shows a news helicopter covering a series of deaths by shooting, goes out of control crashes on Brooklyn roof tops while Prophet was there. No one is hurt! All leave unscathed!

Coincidence 2,723 Prophet told to occupy and plow around fallen World Trade Center, specificly against death. Death tolls droped expotentially in Manhattan and has broken records ever since.

Coincidence 2,788 prophet commissioned to run mission in Times Square, complains because NY is just too cold, arrives, warmest New Years Eve on record ! Must be global warming right? Oh.. did we mention a sniper set to shoot people in Times Square was exposed and arrested right next to the prophet.

Coincidence 3,094 Hospitalised woman in a coma from a head on car crash. They had her on complete life support, eyes open and dried out all white no movement. Prophet intervened. Results: Woman begins moving, color returns to her eyes, completely healed.

Coincidence 3,987 The very day ICOTG established in NY CIty simultaneously, first time in 700 years the Sword of Willam Wallace has left Scotland and is in NY City.

Coincidence 4,870 Prophet deployed to San Francisco. 1st time in 50 years anual open air street sexual perversion festival canceled. 1st time ever the Giants win. Yup just another coincidence.

Coincidence 5,456 Miracle on the Hudson -aircraft lands on water 2 blocks from ICOTG establishment. All passengers survive !

Coincidence 5,647 Prophet speaks to a woman experiencing suicidal thoughts and severe depression, instantly it leaves and her joy returns.

Coincidence 7,453 Prophet awarded watch over Times Square bomb in Times Square will not go off. Hundreds of people spared!

Coincidence 9,954 Prophet not in NY City, but leaves mantle on his apprentice. Hurricane Sandy hits and devastates all of NY costing the State multiple millions, EXCEPT Upper West Side where the apprentice is.

Coincidence 10,332: Sustained battle, Upper West Side NY City, Batman shooter not able to take out the cast of Batman, instead shoots up a local theater in Colorado’s Bible Belt showing the film.

Coincidence 10,333: UN Meeting at the United Nations in NY City about world gun control, Mayor Bloomberg also needed excuse for global gun control, If Batman Cast would have been shot on the red carpet, Hollywood and the world, caught up in that scenario, would have demanded global gun control. -You’re Welcome!

Coincidence 11,998: D.C. trip to protect Israel cut short, Prophet enters Santa Monica under the Mantel, immediately Whitey Bulger exposed and arrested 3 blocks away.

Coincidence 12,565: Prophet plows Paris France, H.S. shoots him into a very nasty intercession. Results: Entire socialist French Government resigned the next day. Then more conservative ministers replace them.

Coincidence 12,785: American Sniper breaking box office records. Very Liberal Upper West Side of NY City, Lincoln Center theater is the only theater in NY State to have record breaking Box Office attendance? Has that crazy prophet been clearing out the territory again?

Coincidence 12,798: Record Snows hit NY Boston etc, however the Prophet plows NY City beforehand. Results: Snowmageddon peters out. Perhaps it’s Global Warming?

Lancaster California: 2014 web searched “Territorial Spirits” and came across BTW 84 and all the BTW’s. After 30-40 BTW’s listened to multipule times life will never be the same. The Atmosphere in my Dorm Apt on School Campus has completely changed for the better… The other day while working I felt opposition all around me in the spirit. Kid you not. I felt I was to give an offering. I logged on to icotg right away without thinking twice, gave and immediately the oppression left.