Stretegic Prayer Alert! The Heart of Our Nation is being Invaded by Tibetan Witchcraft

Strategic Prayer Alert!
The Heart of Our Nation is being Invaded by Tibetan Witchcraft

Ezekiel 22:30
"'I looked for a man among them who would build the wall and stand before Me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, bit I found none. So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done,' declares the Sovereign Lord."

 Newsflash: A Rampage of Firestores

News Story: Fatal Crash

Was the destruction in NY to the Staten Island Ferry the same demonic source that was in Santa Monica?

Do we have your interest yet?



What would happen if God had a prophet like Elijah,
spend seven years plowing into the main Hollywood media gateway,
the genesis/birthing conception area where the programs that will affect the entire world are birthed from and had this prophet drive out several world class princes that were inspiring the programs that were devastating millions of lives around the world,
in order to prepare the way for the body of Christ to enter in and bring the Holy Spirit and revival to the media capitol of the world?

What would happen once the territory was plowed,
and even though the prophet cried out year after year to the rest of the Church to come help us "occupy" they would not come in to help "occupy" and bring the Holy Spirit into this very important city?

Several times in the last few years God would say
"I AM considering repenting on taking Hollywood"
"Because the pastors are not receiving the prophets I AM sending them,
and the prophets are not doing what I told them to do.
How can I take a city when NO one is listening to ME?"


Then the prophet would say,
"God, even if the Church won't fight and lay down their lives,
standing stand in the gap like the Bible tells us to do,
I will because I know the importance for the body of Christ to occupy this city that affects kids around the world!"


After years of first plowing and driving out many strong holds in Santa Monica,
then attempting to get the churches' attention to come and help "occupy" and harvest the souls in the number one media gateway in the world, God would say
"Step back, My Body is not listening to My prophets"

The Prophet knew weeks before this event because "God always reveals to His prophets first" else the word of God would not be true!

...after horrible warfare against world class principalities controlling the media
and causing the Church to attack these same prophets,
just like in the Bible, out of love for his faithful ones,
God commands the exhausted prophet down off the wall so he doesn't die from exhaustion.

----- SANTA MONICA -----
10 Killed 25 wounded in the worst disaster in the USA this year

God said to the Prophet,
"I AM using you as an example
to My Church to get the fear out of them
and to show them what is possible for those
that will follow my leading, teaching and anointing.
The body of Christ IS called to disperse ruling spirits and take dominion over cites,
shielding them, however one or two cannot do it alone.
You are exhausted from constant battle over the last several years.
You have been the stopping force, resisting the enemies seven fold return.
However you are exhausted now and if you do not take a break
and you die while holding the line and this gate,
resisting the seven fold return of what you had to conquer to gain 'authority' here."

All the Church will do is say ,
"See this loud-mouthed prophet was filled with pride and thought he could fight principalities
and now he is dead, because God judged him!'
So they will use this to justify why they do not listen to My prophets
and why they themselves will not engage the enemy.
Many like to think they are like Joshua and Caleb
however they are not of that conquering spirit
Joshua and Caleb, under My anointing actually went up against the giants of their land;

Remember the multitude of those church people followed those other leaders around in the desert most of their lives and conquered nothing for the Lord or themselves in the real world."

You see unfortunately the Bible is true and when a spirit goes out of a man or city if we do not bring in a Holy Spirit filled presence to "occupy" the demonic will attempt to come back seven times stronger.

The car stopped one block from the main Gateway into Hollywood, which is at the end of Wilshire Blvd. (see below on this web page)
D.P.M.'s ministry office is located only blocks north of this event and their church building is located only blocks south of this event.
D.P.M. is the actual gate keeper here.
Along this 8 block gate we have the strongest concentration of demonized people.
Just as Jesus confronted the man with "legion" at the beach, we have a rotating presence of over 300 of these "doorways" for the demonic to prophesy through accessing, influencing and trying to hold position in the number one gateway into Hollywood at Santa Monica beach.

The demonic easily has 3,000 demonized troops rotating throughout this entire territory, many around the studios as well.
Why so many?
Because of the importance for the demonic to hold a presence over our number one programming medium into the nation.
Please do all you can to support D.P.M. as they are now digging in to hold position here after the AFM 2003 fiasco.
(Please see below the other churches blown out of this territory after AFM 2003 fiasco)
Do you think any of the current revelation of the churches even understand this or will come in to support?

Is God wasting His time sending the Church prophets who have "Eyes Wide Open" and the "keys" to unlocking the problem in Hollywood?
Do you really think this writing or prophet will be taken seriously, now?
What, will it take more death and destruction?
Is this all just a coincidence and these testimonies simply the ramblings of a mad man?
Hmm... they called the prophets and even Jesus a mad man, didn't they?


Why must people die before we will hear what God is saying through His prophets?
Do you think God is pleased with this?


Scripture Quote:
To the Church, He writes;
"But where [are] thy gods that thou hast made thee?
Let them arise, if they can save thee in the time of thy trouble for [according to] the number of thy cities are thy gods, O Judah.
Wherefore will ye plead with Me? Ye all have transgressed against Me, saith the LORD.
In vain have I smitten your children; they received no correction your own sword hath devoured your prophets, like a destroying lion.
O generation, see ye the word of the LORD. Have I been a wilderness unto Israel ? A land of darkness? Wherefore say my people, We are lords; we will come no more unto thee?
Can a maid forget her ornaments, [or] a bride her attire? Yet my people have forgotten Me days without number.
Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love?
Therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways."
Jeremiah 2:28-33


With the prophet now off the wall because of exhaustion, and lack of support from the Church, the demonic advances quickly!
Within three weeks of this event where the spirit of death entered in to Santa Monica

Where is this network established?
1401 Ocean Ave. ... One block south of the death event.
right in the KEY GATEWAY CITY to the Nation:

Here is an interesting prophetic twist.
DPM has been trying to get the "Church" behind what God wants done in the media capitol for over seven years.
The "Church" could be construed as the "Bible Belt."
Where DPM has not been able to get the level of support from say the Texas Bible Belt for the programming the Lord wants done in Santa Monica,
Regent Entertainment's financial source comes from the Bible Belt to support the work the devil wants done in Santa Monica.
ICP has agreed to fund millions of dollars over the next several years so Santa Monica can focus on "creating" more sodomite movies for the USA and world markets. Yippie  :-(

ICP is located at:
8411 Preston Road, Suite 650 & 712
Dallas, Texas 75225

Now isn't that irony?

Instead of Texas supporting those of us Christian producers in the middle of this Santa Monica/Beverly Hills film industry who have communication with and are pushing a Christian/morality agenda, Dallas money is supporting and enabling those pushing a sodomite agenda.


Just as when we attempted to warn leaders that a gay TV network was going to be started in Canada and no one listened. Now two years of this programming and Canada is ready to vote in Same Sex Marriages. Amazing how the programming affects a nation.

Well two years of the Bible Belt funding the USA's first Sodomite network and folks, the game is over, we lose.

MTV, FOX, Playboy all located here in Santa Monica, are all beginning to put plans into motion for more Sodomite TV networks.

Anybody care to support what GOD wants done in Santa Monica yet?? ?? ??

Click here for "HOW CAN HOLLYWOOD"


 The Dark Side of the Dalai Lama
  Click Here for a "MUST READ" book exposing the Darker Side of the DALAI LAMA. See his ties to Nazi Germany, the SS and the plans of conquering Hollywood to bring the USA under this dark spiritual dominion.


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Mission Hollywood

 The "KEY" to Hollywood?

 It takes someone on the inside to unlock the door!

Some Call this "Prophetic Targeting"

Our military, not having the benefit of God's Prophets who are meant to be a gift from God to the Church, needs to rely on GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) for accurate targeting

What if we Stopped going after the fruit
or problems of the demonic tree
And instead, go after the ROOT?!!
According to the Word of GOD and JESUS!


God just used our news media and President Bush to again teach the body of Christ this principle. Go after the KING. Just like JESUS said,


God uses Prophets to "Target" or direct the kings in the body,
Just like in the Bible from which we preach!




Just as a woman captured by the devil would be a gossip, when the Spirit of the Living God captures her, she is one of the most powerful intercession weapons on the planet!

Every City has a 'redemptive' value.

This is why in the Bible we go after certain cities FIRST! Because we need that cities 'redemptive' value or 'inheritance' working for God helping the overall objective.

If I capture first a 'poverty' city, the burden of that city stops me from my real objective. But if I capture the 'control' center then I have the media capitol of the world and the wealth, working for God!. This is 'exactly' what the cults did while we, the body, became over burdened focusing on healing the mess they were creating.


Notice how our soldiers just pass right by many problems to stay focused on BAGDAD first! We did not get side tracked on solving every problem and need.

If we would have we would have tapped off the necessary resources to FIRST BIND THE STRONG MAN! So off to Bagdad we went! 

We too in the body of Christ have been blurred in our focus by every problem and need. What if we too went after the HEAD or root of the problem. By destroying the root the fruit or problems created by the root, would be healed much sooner. Instead of the blurred focus as was the problem in Viet Nam. TOO MANY OBJECTIVES! Over twenty-three. 

JESUS Himself also pointed this out when His followers wanted to sell the costly perfume and give the money to the poor. Jesus response? You will always be able to find good ideas to tap off your resources but sometimes you need to stay focused on the GOD idea of the hour and right now this oil goes on my feet! 

Join us as we "speed" off to Bagdad or the head to get this war over with sooner!


Santa Monica is what is known as a "Prophet" city. What "Spirit" rules there will create tomorrows reality. It is a major gate way into the entire world!
The first national radio and TV broadcasts were launched from Santa Monica. Santa Monica still sets the pace.

Venice is known as a "mercy" city. The potential of these two cities and the actors, producers, studios and millionaires that live here, once the Spirit of God is in place, the most "creative" amazing worship that will flood the entire world! 

The speed in which Hollywood will change is dependent upon us, the body of Christ, conquering these two MAIN objectives.


The "KEYs" of David?
"The Gateways of Hell shall not prevail against the Church!"
1st) Target or locate the main Demonic GATEWAY!
2nd) Worship IN that main GATEWAY not outside it!


In Plain English... Capture the communications center first! 

Santa Monica (The Gateway) and Venice (The Root).
That is why the studios have moved there.
That is a majority of the producers and actors homes.
That is why the cults are strongest there.
That is why Christian ministries get blown out.

GO into Santa Monica (The Gateway) and Venice (The Root) confront, conquer and occupy with a rotating sustained Christian presence. Bring sustained, worship - prayer walk intercession - constant beach outreach - prophetic concerts in several locations. Tent meetings except lose the tent and bring in flat-bed stages and PA systems, or use the existing ones that are in Santa Monica and set up big lights so everyone can see from miles around!
In short, a sustained rotating presence from 'outside' churches, uprooting the demonic presence and establish a strong hold here! If we can't change two small "KEY" cities, how do we expect to change all of LA? Just like in a real war!


Go after the missile-launcher communication center!


If others just raised One Million Christian Dollars for a one-day event that came and went,
Then we could surly raise $1.5 Million for a 730 day sustained offensive and presence in "Spiritual Hollywood" going after the KING or the ROOT or the STRONGMAN, right?


Result of only a six-month offensive as lead by the Lord (please request our track record, as it speaks for itself):


In the last six months we have gained access to over 200 of the top people in Hollywood. Why? Because of God, His call His anointing our following Him and because of that fact, He put us in the "Gateway" to Hollywood. Simple. As others continue to partner with us in the "Gateway" and we increase our numbers we will continue to impact major actors, producers, billionaires and millionaires. These people are our neighbors as they live in this territory. Please continue to pray as we are invited to business meetings and social gatherings as we continue to build relationships with these KEY media professionals. (Note: It was good that we were invited to and interviewed at The Academy Awards Party.)


Here's a list of some of the studios in Santa Monica. There are, however, too many to list, including multitudes of production companies:
etc., etc., etc.


Support the move of God into "Spiritual Hollywood"

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #270
Santa Monica CA 90403


GOOD NEWS! We have found a technology that is working!
Partners of A Prophet's Reward will automatically receive "cutting edge" CDs and VIDEO tapes imparting this level of "Spiritual" technology.

Your support will make all the difference!

Please request some of the results we have been able to accomplish in Hollywood and get these free tapes.

1) Prophetic Targeting for Territorial Revival
2) The Call To Hollywood

 If you would like a copy of our business plan and you
are a serious investor, please contact us and one will be provided.


Please request "Air-Raid" CDs with the Prophetic Assault Worship Team –
We put worship in the "GATEWAY" of Hollywood.
Please request "
Building the Warrior" CD series.

Click here to read "HOW CAN HOLLYWOOD!"


If you have a heart for HOLLYWOOD, then come and be a light where the people of Hollywood are!

If you are part of those few who are trying to figure out where the "ruling spirit" is located that is over and controlling the Hollywood industry, sometimes called the "Queen of Heaven," then come to the city of "The Queen of Heaven" also known as "Yemanja" or St. Monica or Santa Monica. (Please see the SEPTEMBER 28, 2002 event below. This is the wicca event that called upon this spirit and all the ports along the entire west coast were closed that day costing the US over $30,000,000,000.00.) Did you know that 34% of the nations commerce comes through the ports of Los Angles and Long Beach? You still wondering why finances are short across the nation?

Click for information on Yemanja, also known as "The Queen Of Heaven"



Mission Hollywood

Official American Film Market Debrief:

"Click here for American Film Market 2003 CD"

Mission Success:
D.P.M. is aware of specific focused prayer targets from D.P.M. in the film market that were direct hits. Prayer bombs need "Prophetic Targeting" (or GPS) to hit there mark! That's why the prophets help focus the leaders throughout the Bible. More reports still coming in

Damage control:
Sustained assaults against front line ministries along the coast. Ministries have sustained physical, emotional, relational and financial hits. We need your support!

No sustained effort by out side artillery. Cover fire was only one day. Prayers stopped firing after Saturday. (Please see the film "When We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson)

Scripture quote for the religious minded:
When a spirit goes out of a man (or a city) it goes through DRY places seeking rest, finding none it says I will return to the place with reinforcements seven time stronger."

If you do not "fill" the man or city with the Holy Spirit then the place potentially could be seven times worse. The word "fill" here means with a sustained occupying presence!


Last Year's Results:
Brought in Family Values for the first time ever.

Prophet's Lament:
The great success of the past is based on very simple things that people can do.

Prayer Walking
Gathering to Worship the Lord
These things in the past have tangible results when done in the actual territory you wish to change!
Some churches are discovering that this also works in their home neighborhoods.
Why not walk and worship in the movie industries home neighborhoods like Venice, Santa Monica, Marina del ray, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Belair and Malibu?




Break Down

40 days prior to the AFM
(Largest Film Market in the world)

Seven days prior to the AFM

D.P.M. well aware of "running missions" without the necessary support, continues their attempts to contact leadership. Kim Clement has pulled out of the scheduled Santa Monica support of the largest film market in the world to save his voice so he can focus on The Call Pasadena, as it is important for him to build relationships with Harvest Rock leadership. D.P.M. ministry partners continue to send emails to D.P.M., instead of support checks, saying that" all is now well in Hollywood because of the one day Call event" 35 miles outside Hollywood which they somehow now feel will fix everything. D.P.M. continues in an attempt to educate the Church that a one day event will come and go and that it is only the consistent "Occupational" theology of some ministries, that Jesus spoke of, to maintain a 'strong' Christian presence in the "key" locations that will actually change and "hold" a territory.


One day before the AFM begins

Wednesday, February 19
The American Film Market opens

Third day of the Film Market
Friday, February 21st


Fourth day of the Film Market
Saturday, February 22nd


Fifth day of the World's Largest Film Market.
Sunday, February 23rd


Sixth day of the American Film Market
Monday, February 24th


Seventh day of the Film Market
Tuesday, February 25th

D.P.M., Venice Foursquare Church, Metro Church, Santa Monica Studios (Christian Owned – next to MTV) all under heavy attack. After weeks of focus to alert the Church and reveal The Queen of Heavens main focus is Santa Monica and the Film Market. The demonic have effectively choked off finances and strained relationships from these front line Santa Monica Ministries. Nearly $$$$ owed to maintain this front line outpost position over the "Gates" of Hollywood. Phones went off. D.P.M. is notified by the Holy Spirit that the enemy is not finished but is continuing the attack to drive him out of her territory and is setting him up to steal even more finances. The Call goes out to several Christian leaders voice mail for "air support" (prayer covering) no response. D.P.M. is set up into an auto accident. Fights hard in an attempt to bring in finances and make any kind of head way against this demonic intrusion over the worlds largest Film Market. Three days after The Call, where's the reinforcements? Late night intercession until 2:30 AM.


Eighth day of the Film Market
Wednesday, February 26th


Thursday, one day after the AFM February 27

Don't we yet in the body understand that we need to "possess" KEY property in the middle of the town and people we are trying to effect? Where's the reinforcements?

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is the direct results of careless or untrained planning.
Note: Collateral damage is when Generals do not understand or take into account the entire battle field and how one action affects another. Troop movements for example. This is why God gives us prophets or forward observers who have intelligence and labor in the region.


What do you think would happen if you threw a meeting 35 miles outside the target zone, that drew off 30,000 troops and attention from the real objective of the enemy?


Please note: The
Yellow circle is where 30,000 Christian intercessors were drawn to retreat out of the actual target area.

Please note: The
Red circle is where 7000 film executives and over $500,000,000.00 worth of programming decisions were taking place.

D.P.M. was ONE block from ground zero in the red zone.

Please note: It would have been an easy thing to simply tell 30,000 intercessors in the yellow, "by the way, if you care about the films that will go into the entire world over the next three years, prayer walk Santa Monica over the eight days of the film market." SIMPLE!

Just as if you pulled thousands of our troops off of the enemies real objective, Bagdad (or the American Film Market) right at the height of the enemies strength then the few left would be hit by the onslaught! 

Can you believe some actually told intercessors that this damage to the ministries in the "Red Zone," was God teaching the few left on the real "front line" a lesson to humble them and that is why they were hit during the film market. 

Now is that a spirit of "Revelation" or a dark ignorant spirit of "Religion"?

Could this be what Jesus was talking about when He said "The blind leading the blind"?

They were however, right about one thing. There were gods attacking these front line ministries. Problem is it wasn't the One True Living God.
Now this then brings up another question.
Are these hearing from the King of Kings or one of the gods that these front line ministries are exposing?
Think about that!

It is true many men do here from the spirit realm and listen to gods.
How many of these can/will actually discern, target, confront, engage, and conquer and take away the authority from these demonic gods.
Which is the entire point to this webpage.

If we do not operate at this level of decernment and revelation and if we refuse to align ourselves with the prophets GOD sends us who do function at this level of revelation, then how can we expect any different results from those in the past who would not grow to this level of dicernment or align themselves with the prophets GOD sends.
But in this the scripture is fufilled when Jesus said,
"Why do you discredit the very prophets I AM sending you to help you?"

With an attitude of religious pride, masked as humility, no wonder the depravity through our media has prospered across our nation like never before unchecked by the Church's current "religious" operational procedure.

Perhaps the Body of Christ fights the devil much more like Iraq's army fought the US:

Maybe that is why things haven't changed much??


If you would like a copy of "The Gates of Mystery Babylon Uncovered" please send your support check to: 

1223 Wilshire blvd. #270
Santa Monica
CA 90403

Please include your:
Name, Address,
Phone & Email



Unity is the key, there is no doubt about that. It was a tremendous undertaking and step of faith to bring so many people together. We need leaders that everyone can rally behind. That kind of unity is like artillery and especially when targeted accurately will cause severe damage to the kingdom of darkness.

Propheticaly targeted, precision guided (GPS), sustained focus is how we actualy plow out a region.
Of the nine principles of war (we are in a war if you haven't noticed that God expects us to win)
One is ECONOMY of Force. (make your funds and man power go the duration)
Two is MASSING POWER on your target.(Bring the ground troops into the actual region you wish to conquer and occupy).

Pray that the eyes of those leading will be opened as this level of demonic has the ability to close the eyes of the Church by cloaking itself (Lucifer, the anointed cherub who covereth). It has been doing this for generations. ;-)

We need communications between the forward observers and the "Church in the rear with the gear."

We also need the leaders who do not really have a heart for God's Kingdom coming to the earth to be "exposed."

The coast is the front line where the strong man is! (That is why we have no strong Christian presence here.) We have NOT yet secured up our coastal boarders. The water spirits are the outside reinforcements, supply lines and communication to the ground spirits in LA! Churches along the coast are under siege. We must FIRST secure up our coastal access, just like a real military! Please click "The Gates of Mystery Babylon Uncovered" to request this amazing video tape series.

Water spirits are much older and wiser than any of our current Church leadership. Now this is not a slam on current leadership but rather a call to come to our senses. These ruling Principalities were around in Paul's day and have been around longer than man! These gods take credit for battle strategies they have inspired into man, all through the Bible and Greek Mythology. A very common practice is to simply pull pawns off of one area to get the Church to focus anywhere but the main objective. 

It is our hopes that there will be that remnant that will have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying here. 

The main hindrance to seeing the Kingdom of God come forth is the Church's ignorance to the level of spiritual things that it will take to change a city the size of LA. This has never been attempted or accomplished before in history. It is our doctrinal intellectual pride that holds us at this lower level. Sometimes we cannot see our pride as it is masked in humility.

Will it take four years until another book by one of the "recognized" leaders comes out before the Church can receive some of the revelations necessary to actually change a region the size of LA? If so, that would mean at least seven more years that The Queen Of Heaven will continue to control the media that goes out into the world. 

The Great Whore who sits on many waters which is spoken of in the Book of Revelations refers to a "Water Spirit." Mystery Babylon and the word Mystery reveals that this spirit is very comfortable moving in and working with the Church and is able to help the Church miss the target, much like a bull fighter who gets the bull within inches of the bulls target (the man), by diversion of the actual objective in the name of religion.

  Click here for 'ASHERAH' info

 Major lay lines converge in Santa Monica at the end of Wilshire Blvd and Ocean.
These lay lines connect throughout LA, all of California as well as the entire world.
Where lay lines converge is known as a "Gate" in the witch covens.
Lay lines are power conduits and communication lines into other parts of Hollywood and the rest of the world.
That is why Santa Monica is the "GATEWAY" city.
Now the "ACCESS" is through the "GATEWAY"!
Cults as well as spirit beings use these "Spiritual Highways" for astral travel etc.
By "Occupying" these gates or portals with praise, we effectively shut down the spiritual highway and communications for these spirit beings.
The American Indians, the Witch Doctors and Pastors from Africa, the Witches in the Wicca Covens, the Dalai Lama, etc., all understand this.
The only ones who don't are the Christians.

The First Radio and Television programs that were Broadcast nation wide were Broadcast from what city??
You guest it, Santa Monica Bay which is the source, gateway or prophetic city.
This city starts things.

Under the rule and influence of the water spirit "Yamanja" or Queen of Heaven" or "St. Monica," Baywatch was produced and the wine of "her" immorality was broadcast.

The entire world was affected.

The Indians came from miles around, before Santa Monica was founded, to collect seashells which were their finances.

The love of money throughout Hollywood, has it's roots in Santa Monica!
Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are NOT a part of LA. Instead they are effectivley islands unto themselves only connected via Wilshire Blvd.

Wilshire blvd is the beginning of the Wilshire district in Beverly Hills and the money in Hollywood.

The 'Asherah' located at the end of Wilshire and Ocean is like a huge antenna, drawing sexual demons as well as others into Beverly Hills and the people who control the money, i.e., look at the sexual content of our TV and film over the years.

Jesus said, "The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against" the Church.
Praise and worship in the "gateway" (not outside the gateway) is essential.
As the Holy Spirit reveals to His prophets in that moment and when they step out in faith with that which is given, is how the Gateways of Hell cannot prevail! Period! There is no other substitute!

To learn more about this cutting edge strategy that is working, please request our Prophetic Assault "Air-Raid" CDs on-line by clicking "AIR-RAID CD"

This is "KEY" to bringing change into Hollywood.
This is one of the FIRST locations that must be secured for change to occur in LA as it is a constant demonic power source into Los Angles.

Join us as we worship in this famous international "Gateway City."

Remember, the best defense is a STRONGER offence!

Enough's enough, now it's our turn. Let's be offensive with the devil!

For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.



In the past several large moves of God started at the beaches in California.

The beach is the natural amphitheater with built in crowds that will accommodate millions upon millions of people.

What if we took the same effort, money and people expended for a one day event and spread it across several weekends along the coast throughout the summer months and the one week of the American Film Market?

Let's see...

Hmm... naw... that's too practical... Let's just keep "doing church" the same old way and somehow expecting different results than in the past, i.e., witchcraft prospering from our cities shot out to the rest of the Nation via our media, sodomite agendas prospering, etc.


FEBRUARY 23rd – SUNDAY NIGHT, 7-10 PM – D.P.M. is proud to announce "AIR-RAID II" over the 2003 AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM). Join Prophet CLYDE RIVERS and the "Prophetic Assault Team." Santa Monica Rec Center. 1450 Ocean AVE. Corner of Broadway and Ocean. Over looking the famous Santa Monica Pier.

FEBRUARY 22nd – SATURDAY NIGHT, 7-10PM – DPM is proud to announce Prophet CLYDE RIVERS and the "Prophetic Assault Team" doing their famous "AIR-RAID II" over the AFM 2003. 1450 Ocean AVE at the REC CENTER.

FEBRUARY 21st – FRIDAY NIGHT, 7-10 PM – D.P.M. and others will be joining us for a night of prophetic praise over the largest film market in the world. AFM 2003. Come as we worship the King of Kings. 1450 Ocean AVE at the REC CENTER.


Don't forget to walk throughout Santa Monica, praying and inviting the presence of the Lord. Our objective is to "rule" the spiritual atmosphere and bring in the presence of the Lord. Local inhabitants of Santa Monica are welcome to preview any/all films.

Be undercover and have a Cappuccino (as KIM CLEMENT would say) along 3rd ST Promenade, mix and have conversations about good and bad films. Be undercover and "STEALTH." Objective = change the atmosphere and bring the focus of film deals to that with family values, honor, respect, and wholesomeness. This will go a long way toward beginning to "rebuild" the back bone of our nation.


(CLICK the picture for a larger version )

The "City of the Queen of Heaven," sometimes called Santa Monica (please see documentation), has some of the strongest roots of witchcraft and cultism, because of Anton LaVey (head of the Church of Satan), the Dalai Lama and many other cult organizations, performing certain ceremonies here in the "City of the Queen of Heaven" (S.M.) consistently over the last 40 years. IN FACT the "City of the Queen of Heaven" (S.M.) has been the number ONE spot out of the three main witchcraft locations in all of the United States!

Many years ago Jane Fonda (actress) and Tom Hayden (Senator) changed many of the laws in the "City of the Queen of Heaven" (S.M.) which effectively separated "The City of the Queen of Heaven" (S.M.) "spiritually" from the rest of LA.

(Remember in the Bible, that anointed Cherub who covereth? In other words, this level of a demonic being has the ability to completely veil itself from man and the church leaders. Remember, many churches worship this thing as god. This thing has been able to cloak itself from many church leaders awareness. Why else do you think this thing has been able to keep pumping out the media filth from this location almost unchecked by the Church? Why else would all the Spirit filled Christians always be diverted to "Christian" events as far away from ITS city as possible?)

Today a Supreme court Judge and his wife, who just happens to be the director of the ACLU, are attempting to get UNDER GOD removed from the PLEDGE of Allegiance. They too are along this coast under this demonic influence. (Please see the below JULY 13th, 2002 picture animations.)

NOW, do you find it interesting that the largest film market in the world, The American Film Market (the AFM) which affects 70 nations around the entire world, is held right here in "The Queen of Heavens" city (Santa Monica) and under it's dark spiritual canopy?

(You know, Baywatch, Temptation Island and many other world impacting programs were all conceived here in the "Queen of Heaven's" city didn't you?) (HINT: Quit looking to physical Hollywood if you want to change Hollywood! The flesh always looks in the natural.)

(For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying!)

OK, ask yourself, what is the point in changing Hollywood? To change what film and TV programming is sent out into the world right?

REALITY CHECK ON: we may never be able to completely stop all bad films from being made somewhere in every state in our nation or world but if they can't sell or distribute them at the film markets we can effectively stop them DEAD in their tracks. This is the "Achilles' Heel" in the "Queen of Heavens" 90-year reign over Hollywood and the nations.

The real question is: How long till the Church "gets it"?

(NOTE: another film market is in Louisiana, which is also a heavy witchcraft canopy also along the water where these water spirits have control. Perhaps God will use us to raise the awareness of the "Spiritual Warrior" churches in Louisiana and other "key" cities across the nation to "copy" what we are doing here.)

You see, inspiration comes from the "spiritual" atmosphere. So what ever spirit is "worshipped" in a territory will be the "inspiration" that the people will be "tapping" into for "creative" ideas as well as decisions that will affect the rest of the world!

(Please read below about the "Water Spirit" event that happened right here in Santa Monica, that day that all the ports along the Western coast closed, costing the US over 30 billion dollars! Did you know that 34% of this nations imports and exports pass through two key ports, Los Angles and Long Beach?)

This film market will also be under the influence of this spiritual being known as "Yemanja" or "The Queen of Heaven!" This spirit is also associated with Baal and Dagon.

In the past what film "deals" have been prevalent during this market? You guessed it, witchcraft, Sodomy and other spirits of depravity have been the main films sold, conceived and promoted at this market and then "Launched" into the outer most reaches of our planet.

Well DUH!..... is it any wonder?

This type of intercontinental ballistic programming missile, devastates a foreign society far greater than any natural warfare, as this weapon is subtle and it's effects are not quickly realized.

In other words this type of technology can be used for good or evil therefore it is crucial that we, the body of Christ, are able to shield this market with the presence of the living God and pray for "healthy" life building programming to go out into the world.

LAST YEAR for the first time ever, a small band of Prophetic Praisers known as "The Prophetic Assault Worship Team," entered into this territory, unafraid of the witchcraft (as so much of the Church is) and by using "high praise," effectively confronted the witchcraft and "covered" this territory and this WORLD IMPACTING FILM MARKET, with the presence of the living God! (Please see FEBRUARY 20-27 2002 AFM.) If you would like a "Free" CD of this event click "AFM 2002" 

These prophets of God actually obtained their objective which was, get the attendees of this film market thinking and asking about "Family Value Films."

Join us this year as we "mix" with, and Love these people and this territory. Come worship the King of Kings!

Unfortunately once again we will be fighting "the Queen of Heaven's" ability to focus Christendom on another region over an hour away from the real Mission Hollywood. Hopefully those that have these leaders ears will convince them to actually send in praisers to help us as we actually "run a mission" here in the producing Hollywood region known as "The City of the QUEEN of HEAVEN."

Last year none of the "Hollywood Transformation Team" or leaders sent in any support. Instead it was a small group from "Hope For Homeless Youth" that came in. These babies were not even out of diapers yet.

Why is it that God had to use the babies? What are we teaching these older Christians at our "Retreats"?

Talk is cheap! :-(

If you say you care about Hollywood then don't just talk, do your part in shaping the world!

Come in and interced and worship at the Film Market to help us gain spiritual authority this year. :-)

JANUARY 19th – Sunday Morning, 10:30am – D.P.M. at Venice Foursquare Church. 1400 Rivera Dr., Corner of Windward & Rivera Dr., Call 310-452-4328 for more details.

(Click Picture for Larger Version)

JANUARY 19th, Sunday Night at 6:30pm – The "Prophetic Assault Team" at the Venice Foursquare Church (see above). Praise God! Featuring Clyde Rivers, D.P.M., Juan Lopez, Mike Gymnaites, Raymond Armes, Robbie McLaughtlin, Steve Poncar.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 01.19.03"

JANUARY 18th, Saturday night at 7:00 pm – THEIR BACK! The Prophetic Assult Worship Team, featuring Clyde Rivers, D.P.M., Juan Lopez, Mike Gymnaites, Raymond Armes, Robbie Mc Laughtin, Steve Poncar. WHERE: 1450 Ocean Av in Santa Moinca CA. Overlooking the famous Santa Moncia Peir. Corner of Broadway and Ocean. Parking on the street or several parking garages on Ocean and Second. You may also park at the Santa Monica Mall, third and Broadway. Then walk three blocks to the ocean and the Recreation center. See you there.
Click here for "AIR-RAID 01.18.03"




"Click here for DPM 12.14.02"

"Click here for DPM 11.24.02"

"Click here for DPM 11.02.03"

NOVEMBER 23rd, Tonight at 7:00 PM – The "Building the Warrior" series continues in Santa Monica with D.P.M. 1450 Ocean blvd. Corner of Ocean and Broadway overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier.

On NOVEMBER 22nd, 2002, we received this letter.

See how by "first binding the strongman" or dethroning the gods and occupying the territory with the presence of God, this spiritual ruling authority can no longer influence men/women in this territory. However, it still seems that there are plenty of other territory's that the enemy will move to where there is not significant apostolic "spiritual" authority against the gods of that region. We must learn and systematically confront, conquer and occupy until Jesus comes. One king at a time. Bye Bye, Playboy, from your 36-year reign over Hollywood.

Why is it important to get behind and support those front line prophets who actually go into the hardest territories and make a difference? Because with out these highly anointed "Point Men" of God nothing changes, and things would remain the same. Perhaps that is why God raises up His Elijah's?

NOVEMBER 17th, Tonight at 7:00 PM – Greater Page Temple. D.P.M. and prophetic assault worship, as well as healing and deliverance. Revelations of the Kingdom are the "treasures" of God. Revelations of the Kingdom are the "keys." Revelations of the Kingdom are the "line upon line" the Kingdom is built upon. Revelations of the Kingdom are the "meat." Come get your fill of the power and anointing God intends for us to walk in. You will not be the same after tonight. God is calling "power" teams together that He can wield his power and authority through. God is giving out inheritance but only to the brave at heart. Directions: 10 east (from 405) exit Western, going south. Left on Adams. Next street La Salle. 2610 La Salle, corner of Adams and La Salle. 310-604-0392

NOVEMBER 16th – Back from Washington, D.C.

Maybe if we want to see things change in Washington D.C. we should also get close to the "creative" influence here in Hollywood that shapes the public opinion to which the Senators in Washington, D.C. respond.

Come join us tonight in "Spiritual Hollywood" as we hold our meetings, as usual, right next door to where the people we wish to influence are. Just like the professional politicians in Washington D.C. do. 1450 Ocean blvd. Corner of Ocean and Broadway in Santa Monica. As we continue with Chapter 8 of the "famous" Building the Warrior series. "CLICK HERE"

NOVEMBER 9th-13th – Trip to Washington, D.C. for meetings with senators and to be a key note speaker for the conference "Restoration and Building Unity among the pastors and brethren."

RESULTS: The meetings were extremely well received. Everyone we met with was excited about the miracles and the results we are having in Hollywood. After one meeting, we were able to pray with the key leader that is on the forefront of "Roe vs. Wade" being overturned. The Lord revealed witchcraft against him, and we broke the power of it ... and instantly his back was healed.


Please, please check out this web page:

This is one of the most important moves we can all get involved in to make a tremendous difference in our Nation. Roe vs. Wade. To over throw the foundation of the 40 million abortions that occur across this Nation.


If you would like more details of these meetings and the other exciting healings that occurred on the trip, please join us NOVEMBER 16th at the Saturday night church meeting, 1450 Ocean AVE., corner of Broadway and Ocean 7pm

P.S. Our heart really was touched by the wonderful people attempting to do so much good. So many being brought down by the very witchcraft they would rather pretend isn't real. Because of the miracles, the Lord opened up many doors for our "Famous" Building the Warrior training CDs to go forth into these lives.
If you wish to receive this tremendous series, as well.

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2002 – Building the Warrior "CLICK HERE"
Chapter 7 will be released. Is it possible to be influenced by others words and thoughts? Jesus responded many times to the thoughts of others before they spoke what they were thinking. Are we supposed to be just like Jesus? Come find out tonight at the "Spirit-Filled Church" in Santa Monica. 1450 Ocean Ave., Corner of Broadway and Ocean, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier.

OCTOBER 31st, 2002 - A call goes out to help the "Hell House" ministry outreach right smack dab in the middle of the Hollywood secular take over. News agencies reported over 400,000 on the streets. Unfortunately very little response from the Christian community. Most were not "Advancing" into the battle front on prayer walks as good Christian's who wish to occupy should, instead many were putting on "retreats" and unfortunately for the battle at hand, our troops have been well trained to respond to "retreats."

Definition of retreat is; to draw back from action, to move backward, recede, withdraw, evacuate, leave, pull out, quit, vacate, escape, flee, back down.

Jesus said to go into the world not "retreat" from it. Is it any wonder why the witchcraft and perverse sexual agendas have prospered almost without obstruction? We say one thing and yet do another. Jesus said "Why do you call me 'Lord,' and don't DO what I say?"

(For an email regarding the upcoming election, birthed by the overwhelming support and camaraderie of the gay community that hit the streets this night in Hollywood and other territories throughout the Nation, see below item 5).

Let's look at the sequence of events
over the last several months.
(See picture animations below. Please allow up to 15 mins. for all animations to load)

  1. The prophet's attempted, as is scriptural, to sound the TRUMPET!
  2. Those in charge don't like the style or believe the messengers which deliver the message. Instead waiting until a book comes out (four years later) and establishes this, which is now old and too late, as acceptable doctrine.
  3. 55 wicca events to release demons throughout the territory before OCTOBER 31st totally unchecked by intercession. Completely under the radar of the Church
  4. The OLD FASHIONED Church procedure, throw multiple "retreats."
  5. Huge gay "advance" (secular media estimate 400,000 on the streets of Hollywood) to celebrate, worship and prophecy sexual deviancy and to unify and rally support on OCTOBER 31st for the upcoming election only days away. CLICK HERE
  6. The Church, now scrambling, try to stop something that has gained great spiritual momentum because there was nothing to stop the demonic unity. CLICK HERE
  7. Now comes the Election five days latter on NOVEMBER 5th!


Why is the election always days after the most demonic celebrations?
Why would we try to lead others if we have not been given the strategies by God how to change the territory? Is it possible that the objective of many leaders is Not to be effective in changing the territory but rather just perpetuate the same old Church image?
Don't you agree it is time for us as the body to WAKE UP!

Here's an idea? Perhaps (like a real military) we should train, prepare, intercede, anoint, and motivate the troops the week prior to the battle. We could then use that short lived enthusiasm to call an "Advance" of the Kingdom of God the following week and deploy troops into the battle front during the battle to spiritually "occupy" with worship and intercession, instead of the "Modern" 21st century Church image/procedure of calling yet another "retreat" during the battle. We have got that retreat during the battle mindset down and where it may motivate us it doesn't change our territory. Look around. What is the Spirit saying?

OCTOBER 26th, 2002 – AIR-RAID over Santa Monica. At the "Spirit-Filled Church" in Santa Monica. Featuring Prophet Clyde Rivers, Juan Lopez, Robbie McLaughlin. 1450 Ocean Blvd. Corner of Ocean and Broadway. CDs will be available for ALL D.P.M. sponsored events.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 10.26.02"


Saturday night prophetic song released: "Walk the streets, walk the streets, walk the streets of Hollywood, etc. 3 nights latter the secular news announced that the chief of police would now require the police men to park their patrol car and walk the streets in Hollywood! Not bad for a bunch of 'roughneck' prophets releasing the word over Hollywood, eh? By releasing this prophetic word upstream at the entrance point or gateway of Hollywood, we are able to cover all of the Hollywood territory. That is why it is so important to go upstream before you release your seed/word! For those that have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying."

You can order the "AIR-RAID" Prophetic CD on-line by clicking "AIR-RAID CD"


OCTOBER 25th, 2002 – AIR-RAID over the famous DREAM CENTER. We will be joining forces with "Hope for Homeless Youth" at their Friday night coffee house. Hours are 7-9 PM.


6pm Venice Foursquare Church will be hosting Pastor Sofa from Africa. You won't want to miss this power healing/deliverance ministry. Testimonies of people being raised from the dead. 1400 Riviera dr. in Venice. Corner of Windward and Riviera. Call 310-452-4328 for details


"Click here for AIR-RAID 10.12.02"
7pm, "AIR-RAID" over Santa Monica. Featuring "The Prophetic Assault Worship team" With Clyde Rivers, D.P.M., Robbie McLaughlan, Raymond Arms. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Ocean and Broadway. At the rec center over looking the Famous Santa Monica Pier. You can order this CD online by clicking "AIR-RAID CD."

OCTOBER 5th, 2002 7PM Building the Warrior "CLICK HERE"

series continues. At The Spirit Filled Church in Santa Monica. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Ocean and Broadway.
"Click here for DPM 10.05.02"

SEPTEMBER 28, 7pm The Spirit Filled Church of Santa Monica will be featuring Apostle Joe from Africa teaching on Water Spirits. For a copy of this amazing CD contact us at 818-994-4007
"Click here for DPM 09.28.02"


The Dalai Lama inspired wicca witchcraft cultural event of going to the "gateway" and invoking the demonic principality known as Yemanja, Goddess of the sea or Queen of Heaven or St. Monica, took place this Saturday night in Santa Monica on the beach, at the end of Ocean Park Blvd. This is where Anton LeVay (who wrote The Satanic Bible . He was the head of the world church of Satan and this is where he was located and is still the number one witchcraft location in the nation, perhaps the world). Over 2,000 people participated in this ceremony.


Of the 3,700 emails CLICK HERE

that went out to churches, intercessors and the like, revealing the importance of this event and the need to come and stand in the "Gateway" and praise God, we would like to thank the 7 Christians who actually showed up to pray against this principality being evoked. (two of which were sent in by God from Africa)  

Unfortunately... CLICK HERE

We were not as successful as we had hoped. (Go figure, we were a bit out numbered.) During the height of this ceremony all the ports along the coast were closed. Which is now costing the USA over one billion dollars per day. This will (as the vision warned us of) effect the entire world economy.


This is the principality that D.P.M. and the few brave warriors have been assaulting and attempting to dislodge over the past two years. We still haven't been able to wake up the local churches, try as we might, to expose it and thwart it's progress here over this costal access to Hollywood and the world. (The African Apostle/Prophets confirmed this is the strong man over Hollywood.)

Still local Los Angeles pastors (and those that follow them) are afraid and totally unequipped to deal with these things.

Thank God He continues to send in Apostles/prophets and pastors of mega churches from Africa well acquainted with this level of warfare, to assist.

The USA churches are being totally caught off guard by this level of spiritual warfare. The sad part is they don't even understand that God is leaving it up to us to pray and get involved if we want to see this change. Will this generation wake up in time?

Come join us as we will be lifting up and worshipping the King of Kings - His name is Jesus! Please join us this Saturday at 1450 Ocean Ave., 7-9PM.


Our summer long prophetic hits have dislodged several spirits over this Venice media territory that could no longer operate in Venice. Unfortunately this resulted in three rulings spirits or a three braided cord, moving up into Malibu to gain a greater foothold there. This did catch the Church off guard in that territory.

The Malibu territory is under siege currently. Why? Because of the wealth and control in this media territory and these smaller spirits could no longer find a place over Venice because of our prophetic hits!

These Christians have been hit hard financially in this Malibu region in an attempt to drive them out of the area.

Without the level of revelation how to gain advantage spiritually they will need outside intervention in order to gain a strong foothold once again.


Question: Do we sit and do nothing so as not to dislodge something from one area and drive it into another area and let witchcraft and depravity continue to invade our culture through this media area?

Or do we continue to dismantle the witchcraft over Hollywood and hope that other church leaders will wake up and embrace the revelations of how we do this so they can protect and rule in their territory?

LIVE! Venice Beach Camera


Meetings continue each and every Saturday Night 7PM right in the center of this entire costal access at the "Spirit-Filled Church in Santa Monica." 1450 Ocean Blvd. Corner of Broadway and Ocean. In the Recreation Center over looking the famous Santa Monica Pier.

This is the warrior hub of the entire Hollywood Coast. Please request our CD series "Building the Warrior."


On Labor Day, the secular media reported that 3/4 of all of Los Angeles was here at the beach.

We virtually had no Christian presence by comparison (as with the rest of the summer, while some estimate over 30 Million passed through this small beach media area)

Our prophetic worship assaults throughout this last summer, along with Set Free ministries and a YWAM Texas prophetic team, resulted in breaking up the atmosphere here in Venice.

This allowed the Venice Church to gain a stronger foothold in Venice.

This territory is by no means taken but more Christians are finding it easier to gain advantage here now.

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2002 – 5:30-8:00 pm / Labor Day Blowout Jesus BBQ Party at Venice Foursquare Church. We will be outlining this fall's invasion of the famous Sunset Strip concert clubs. If you are serious about revival coming into Hollywood, join us as we reveal the importance of FIRST taking and securing the borders around HOLLYWOOD in order to conquer it, Spiritually that is. Teams from across LA will be attending tonight!

Get there early!

Guest appearances from:

The Prophetic Assault Team, Phil Aguilar, Set Free Hip Hop Team, Clyde Rivers, Sons of God, D.P.M.

Get there early to reserve a seat!

Several ministry leaders were quoted saying that other outreaches along the Sunset Strip area of "Hollywood," would have been more affective if the level of intercession was more saturated first.

Because of the generational witchcraft throughout the Sunset Strip, you must first "Plow" with intensive intercession before you attempt to run a mission or meeting, if you want to be affective in reaching the lost.

"Prophetic Assault Worship" and Prayer "Intercession," as we have been demonstrating along the coastal border of Hollywood throughout this summer, is what will be necessary in order to Spiritually 'Plow' the region FIRST in order for the ground troops to come in and be more affective.

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2002 – 1-5 PM 'The Jesus Party' continues with "The Prophetic Assault Worship Team," Pastor Phil Aguilar and the famous "Set Free Hip Hop Team." And a surprise appearance by Hip-Hop artists "Sons Of God." You won't want to miss this Labor Day Blowout event. Over 100,000 expected at the beach. We are still meeting in the same place as below. One block north of Windward on the grass in front of the 'Sidewalk Cafe'. Parking is at the Venice Foursquare Church. 1400 Riviera Ave. corner of Windward. Park in the lot across from the church, that faces Riviera and the Church!

AUGUST 31st, 2002 – Labor Day "AIR-RAID" with "The Prophetic Assault Team."

Location 'The Spirit Filled Church' in Santa Monica. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Ocean and Broadway. 7pm - 9pm. The city will be packed this weekend. If you want to reach LA then come where LA is! At the beach!



Holding Covenant Vital to Mission Hollywood and Team Members

Mission Hollywood is a call from the Lord to take Hollywood as an inheritance for the Kingdom of God. The process of taking Hollywood is a most strategic battle in which the Lord identifies what "spiritual" targets are to be hit and taken down. This battle is done through intercession and prophetic assault worship. The Lord is raising up intercessory teams to carry out this mission. Knowing that this battle will be tough, the Lord spoke to me before it began. His message is important for the Mission Hollywood Team. He said...

"I am calling my troops together to conquer Hollywood. I want you to remember this one thing – I am not calling you all to agree on doctrine. I am not even calling you to like each other. I am calling you to stay focused and take the city!"

This message from the Lord is vital to the mission and its team members, as we go into battle in His Name. We are to hold covenant — To stand firm together and persevere.

Sounds just like a real military, doesn't it?

For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.


"After driving out several "Strong-Men" over Santa Monica, the Strong-man over Venice challenged us saying "What makes you think you are going to come into Santa Monica and Venice and get these people saved? I've had them indoctrinated into Hinduism for generations!" Then after a supernatural show down, It lost to the Love and Power of the Lord Jesus Christ (please request your free video tapes "Prophetic Targeting for Territorial Revival" and "The Call to Hollywood")

This "Strong-Man" over Venice is said by some prophets to be the ruling spirit that controls many other spirits, who control people throughout the Hollywood industry. Jesus said "First Bind the Strong-Man then you can change the land!"
For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy spirit is saying.

The SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH in Santa Monica Saturday night meetings
7PM – 9PM, Located at 1450 Ocean Avenue, at the corner of Broadway and Ocean in Santa Monica

If you have any questions regarding meetings, please call 818-994-4007.

of the famous VENICE AIR-RAIDs

FREE to Partners (call 310-260-9060 and get your entire set today!)

Partner With Us
Famous AIR-RAID CD Music series

"D.P.M. is proud to announce the famous "AIR-RAIDs" over VENICE PROPHETIC ASSAULT CD SERIES. Live and uncut just the way the meetings happened. You won't want to miss a single one. These meetings document the transition as Prophetic Music and Proclamations actually began to rip the control from the cults that have ruled Venice, California, for years. You will witness the awesome presence of the Living God on these CDs as well as gain new revelation as to how it is possible to change the spiritual climate over your city.

During the next 10 weeks over 20 million people from all across Los Angeles – from every corner, every race, every economic group – will pass through Venice and Santa Monica. Many people and churches talk about reaching people. But if they were really serious on changing Hollywood they would simply focus their intercession, money, and outreaches "Where the Fish Are!"  Just like when Jesus said, "Cast your nets here IF you want a catch!"  For those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit is saying.


Venice Beach Camera
Santa Monica Pier Camera


Below are some of the crowds from across Los Angles that gathered to witness our summer outreaches here at the beach.

We did not have near enough help to touch these people though we ran ourselves ragged contacting many churches to come and help touch the lost from ALL across Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Were most just too busy or are we not being trained to actually get out of our pews and make a difference?

Question: How can Jesus use our hands to touch people if we are not where the people Jesus wants to touch are??

AUGUST 24th 2002 – 'The Jesus Party' with Set Free ministries and the famous Hip Hop Team. Venice Beach one block north of Windward, across from the Sidewalk Cafe. 1-5.

Then water baptism at Venice Foursquare Church 1400 Windward. Corner of Windward and Riviera. 6:00pm to 8:00pm

AUGUST 24th, 2002 – "AIR-RAID" over Santa Monica. The 'Prophetic Assault Worship Team' is at it again. Come as we lift the name of Jesus and watch His presence continue to sweep in and touch the nations.

AUGUST 11th, 2002 – Venice Beach Party continues. As we teach you what a sustained prophetic presence in the city you wish to occupy will do!

AUGUST 10th, 2002 – "Higher Levels of Authority in the Spirit." D.P.M. imparts what the people are calling, "Revolutionary." Come to 1450 Ocean Av. In Santa Monica. Find out what you've been missing.

AUGUST 11th, 2002, Sunday Afternoon – Venice Beach 1-5. Saturday Night Venice Foursquare Church 6:30-8:00. The Prophetic Assault Worship Team.

AUGUST 10th, 2002, Saturday night – "The Spirit Filled Church" Santa Monica Ca. 7-9pm Prophetic Assault Worship Team with Clyde Rivers.

AUGUST 4th, 2002 – "Jesus Party" or the Largest Hindu meeting "Parade of Chariots"? It is important that we show up and "praise" the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ and prayer walk the ground. We have been changing the atmosphere over Venice by our sustained presence this summer! Let's not loose any ground saints!

"Click here for DPM 08.03.02"

REPORT: Unfortunatley the few Christians that actually showed up had not been trained by their church for this type of spiritual encounter and so we basically got creamed.

The Battle is already upon us folks, come on let's get with it and start training our spiritual warriors just like in the Bible!

"Click here for DPM 07.30.02"

JULY 28th, 2002 – The Party continues back at Venice Foursquare Church with the "Hot Dog" party. Pastor Phil ministers salvation and the Love of God to the youth of Los Angeles.

JULY 28th, 2002 – The Jesus Party continues Sunday afternoon on the Beach in Venice just north of the "V" near the skate park. Phil Aguilar of "Set Free" ministries and the famous "Hip Hop" Band will be joining the Youth With A Mission Prophetic Dance Team. Hours are 1 to 5 PM.  

JULY 27th, 2002, Saturday Night – At the "Spirit Filled Church of Santa Monica" 1450 Ocean Avenue, Corner of Broadway and Ocean. This will be a night to remember. 7 PM until 10 PM. First a full-blown "AIR-RAID" followed up with the entire multi-media production of "Rise Up." You won't want to miss this meeting. Teams from the L.A. Dream Center will be joining us as well. Overflow rooms will be opened as well as outdoor around the building.

JULY 27th, 2002, Saturday Afternoon – Outdoor in Pacific Palisades Park, near the entrance to the Famous Santa Monica Pier. From 3PM to 5PM "The Prophetic Assault Worship Team" and Youth With A Mission Prophetic Dance Team will be doing excerpts from their "Rise Up" multimedia presentation.

JULY 26th, 2002, Friday Night – Come join "The Prophetic Assault Worship Team" as we do our "AIR-RAID" on the third street promenade. 6-10 PM. The Youth With A Mission Prophetic dance team will be doing excerpts from their "Rise Up" multi- media presentation. Teams from the Dream Center will be joining us as well.

JULY 21st, 2002 – Please join YWAM from Texas as we invade Venice Beach. Estimated crowds from across all of Los Angeles: 30,000-60,000.

JULY 21st, 2002 – YWAM burning the candle at both ends as they desperately intercede to bring unity to the churches here in Los Angeles. Can they motivate Harvest Rock to hit the streets in Venice and help us reach these huge crowds from all across Los Angeles?

JULY 20th, 2002 – Saturday Night come join us at "The Spirit Filled Church" as Dream Center youth come to Santa Monica to lift up the Name of Jesus as a banner over this production city.

JULY 13th, 2002 – Apostle Bob Cathers comes to "The Spirit Filled Church" in Santa Monica. Join us as He prays for the sick and takes many of the "Fresh Fish" our summer outreaches have been touching, through deliverance.

JULY 13th, 2002 – What? Take the "Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance? As Judge Reinhardt and his wife, Ramona Ripston, Executive Director of the ACLU, seek to move against our religious freedoms, Saturday afternoon we will meet in front of their multi-million dollar beach front home adjacent to Venice Beach. There we will praise God in whom we trust and share His love with others. Please join us and Youth With A Mission who came all the way out from Texas to touch the territory that affects their territory and the rest of the nation.


 JULY & AUGUST – Every Weekend as follows.

A brilliant YWAM dance team, will be here doing prophetic dance concerts. This is something you have to see.

Friday will be outreaches on the Promenade.
7PM to 10PM

Saturday afternoon outreaches on the Promenade.
1PM to 5PM.

Saturday evening 'Supernatural' meetings at "The Spirit Filled Church" in Santa Monica. 1450 Ocean Ave. corner of Broadway and Ocean. 7PM- 9PM

Sunday afternoon "Party With Jesus." 1PM to 4PM – Set Free Ministries with Pastor Phil Aguilar. Location: Venice Beach at the end of Windward Street by the Venice "V." 1PM to 5PM.

Sunday evening "Supernatural" meetings at Venice Foursquare Church. 1400 Riviera Drive, corner of Winward and Riviera. 6:30 to 8:30.

Guest ministers for both Saturday and Sunday night meetings may include:

Rev/Prophet Lorraine Coconato. Prophet Clyde Rivers. Prophet Kim Clement. Apostle Bob Cathers. Apostle Al Fornes. Deliverance Pastor Marcos. Pastor Lewis. D.P.M., and prayerfully "The Prophetic Assault Worship Team."



On June 30, 2002, over 11,000 people gathered to witness the baptizing of more than 500 people on the beach in Santa Monica, California.

The baptisms were in conjunction with The Church On The Way and WOW JAM ministries.

The baptisms occurred just under the cliffs where Mission Hollywood's "Prophetic Assault" meetings had been taking place the past 12 months in Santa Monica.

Isn't it interesting this event ended up exactly where God specifically focused us to gain "Air Superiority"?

By first confronting and dethroning ruling spirits in the heavenlies prior to this event, a strong prophetic covering and Spiritual authority was established over this entire area.

This is the very location where other national prophets had told us weeks before, "You have set the heavens on fire. Now watch and see what God will do."



Notice the yellow circle is where our church is located and where we have been plowing the heavenlies for the past year with the
"Prophetic Assault Worship Team."


Question: with over 30 million people from all across Los Angles coming into these beaches all through the summer, and with the results obtained, then why only ONE day of outreach?? ?? ??

Why don't more churches and intercessors join together
to reach the lost?? ??

Are we missing something here?


JUNE – Several events planned – Some executed. Because of the level of warfare assaulting this mission and ministry and the lack of other ministries support, many time delays are stopping forward progress this month. We were scheduled to do our first open air meeting – five other outdoor secular concerts were going on as well – the city was packed with hundreds of thousands – the Lord warned us two weeks before the attack – -sure enough the enemy kept us from hitting the outdoor objective. The Lord had also shown us that several of the cults had began to target our meeting center and ministry pronouncing spells of disunity. We attempted to get more intercession but failed. That's OK, it is only one small objective missed. The main objective is to learn about how the tactics the enemy intend to prosper to slow the plans of God. We always say to rejoice when you get hit in an area because that is the very area in which God intends to make strong – if we will listen that is.

It is now time for us to secure up our boarders in order for God's mission to prosper. More next month as teams from around the world begin to come in to assist us as we all focus on "Mission Hollywood."


MAY 25th, 7PM – Back at the Rec Center, 1450 Ocean Blvd., with the Prophetic Assault Worship Team. Powerful prophetic follow-up to the Friday night fishing trip! Come watch as some of these people have accurate prophecy for the first time in their lives.

MAY 18th, 7PM – Let's get real with God. He is supernatural after all and His blessings far out weigh any thing we may be going through. Come receive an impartation that will change your life forever. Yea Yea we have heard it all before. God spoke this so Come and See!

MAY 11th, 7PM – D.P.M. In Conjunction with L.F.C.C. of Santa Monica and is once again proud to announce the return of Prophet Clyde Rivers and The Prophetic Assault Worship Team. Thank God for faithful servants of the most High God!

MAY 4th, 7PM – Come celebrate as God releases a brand new anointing into Santa Monica and to the saints of God. You won't want to miss this strategic impartation meeting. 1450 Ocean Ave., on the corner of Broadway and Ocean at the Rec Center, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier.

APRIL 28th, 7PM – Prophet Clyde Rivers will blow your socks off as the power of God surges through him, and the rest of the team at Venice Foursquare Church. 7 PM at the Corner of Riviera Drive, and Windward.

APRIL 27th, 7PM – Prophet Clyde will lead you to higher heights in the Lord Jesus than you've ever before experienced at Santa Monica Senior Center 1450 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA. .

APRIL 20th, 7PM – Come for a night of true gospel like you've never heard it before, featuring singers from Andre Crouch's ministry.

APRIL 13th, 7PM – Come for an exciting night of worship and prophetic discernment with Prophet/Pastor Clyde Rivers.

APRIL 6th, 7PM – Come for a night of prophetic instruction and worship.

MARCH 30th, 7PM – Night Cap – What else can we say after a month like this. Prophet/D.P.M. will be imparting healing anointing and detailed revelations of the Kingdom of God and how to experience this now on earth as it is in heaven. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Broadway and Ocean in Santa Monica overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier. Spectacular view.

MARCH 24th, 7PM – Look out, Venice your time has come! "AIR-RAID OVER VENICE." Watch as the witchcraft over Venice is smashed as the prophetic praise ushers in the miraculous presence of God into this occult strong hold city. Venice Foursquare Church. 1400 Winward Ave., corner of Winward and Riviera in Venice CA. Phone and directions are outlined below in previous dates.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 03.25.02"

MARCH 23rd, 7PM – Hold onto your hats "AIR-RAID over SANTA MONICA" the city is changing as the love of God pervades the very homes and businesses of this strategic media city. Featuring the "Prophetic Assault Worship Team" with Prophet/Pastor Clyde Rivers. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Broadway and Ocean in Santa Monica.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 03.23.02"

MARCH 16th, 7PM – A time of supernatural healing. Featuring Rev Lorraine Coconato of "Healing Leaves Ministries." D.P.M. welcomes this wonderful ministry. You will feel the love and compassion of God more than you have ever experienced in your life as God heals people of heartaches and sicknesses through these wonderful servants of God. 1450 Ocean AVE. Corner of Broadway and Ocean in Santa Monica.

MARCH 9th, 7PM – AIR-RAID over SANTA MONICA. Featuring the "Prophetic Assault Worship Team." Prophet Clyde Rivers hits the nail on the head time and time again. These are incredible meetings since the entire region's atmosphere is changed and charged with the love of God. These are life changing meetings. 1450 Ocean Ave. Corner of Broadway and Ocean in Santa Monica.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 03.09.02"

MARCH 2nd, 7PM – Questions and answers as D.P.M. takes you though a journey in the things of the Spirit of God with signs following. Meeting in Santa Monica. 1450 Ocean Blvd. Corner of Broadway and Ocean. You won't want to miss this meeting.

"Click here for AIR-RAID over the AMERICAN FILM MARKET 2002"


FEBRUARY 20th–27th – American Film Market comes to Santa Monica. This is the largest film market in the world. Theater chain buyers from around the world and across the nation will converge in Santa Monica during this festival. This is a very important time to bring the intercessors into this region to pray over the people here and bring in an atmosphere of "accountability" and family values. As we affect the atmosphere with the love of God and resist the usual perversion and occult influence that is typically over this Film Festival we will affect the rest of the World. The decisions that are made in our city during this week will affect the rest of the world for years to come. We are inviting undercover intercessors to come in and pray. We are not looking for self righteous carnal Christians to come and picket and make poor examples of themselves but rather Christians who know God and are anointed that what they pray will come to pass. Please blend in and just believe God with us as our presence comes into this city that the love and presence of God will strengthen these men and women to promote healthy values. We repeat, if Christians think getting loud and obnoxious will do anything except turn people off then they are truly deceived. Be polite and prayerful and trust God and together we will bring the love of God to a dry and thirsty people.

FEBRUARY 23rd & 24th – 7 PM "AIR-RAID" 1450 Ocean Ave. corner of Broadway and Ocean. "As the American Film Market will be meeting exactly two blocks from our location, this is an important set of meetings as we usher in the presence of the Lord and gain "Air Superiority" during this important buying time. Other "AIR-RAIDs" have resulted in bringing in an atmosphere of "FAMILY" values into this Santa Monica Region. It is very important you attend ALL these meetings as we will be directly influencing the spiritual atmosphere over the American Film Market, which decides what films the rest of the nation will be watching this year. Thousands of people around the nation are counting on all of us to usher in a "FAMILY" values atmosphere to help these theater buyers purchase edifying films for this year's theater chains.

FEBRUARY 23rd, 10AM to 2PM – Conference At Venice Foursquare Church. 1400 Riviera Drive, in Venice. Corner of Venice and Winward.


FEBRUARY 16th, 7 PM – "Prepare for Dominion." Air Superiority 102. While many leaders and followers will have an abundance of stories of how this one and that one failed, we find that the only time those stories are worth listening to is to learn how not to make the same mistakes. Come learn levels of authority and dominion you didn't even believe were possible from those who have walked in tremendous victories. We firmly believe in receiving impartation from those who have actually changed something and lived to tell about it. If they survived and came out blessed then perhaps this person has a revelation worth listening to.

FEBRUARY 9th, 7 PM – "AIR-RAID" over Santa Monica Concert – "Discerning and Following the Spirit of Joshua and Caleb." Featuring the "Prophetic Assault Worship Team" with Pastor/Prophet Clyde Rivers and D.P.M. These meetings are probably the most strategic and powerful meetings occurring anywhere. They have been responsible for completely changing the atmosphere over this region. Come hear what the prophets are saying.

FEBRUARY 2nd, 7 PM – "Creating a Conqueror." Why do they keep telling us that "One Day" we will see these great miracles? Why are we not seeing the level of miracles recorded in the Bible? Jesus said to those of us who really know Him we would do greater miracles than in the Bible. Tonight in-depth revelations that actually brought forth incredible miracles in one of the most strategic media cities in the world! This is not a beginner's class but is the meat you have been longing for. With Pastor/Prophet D.P.M. You are invited to attend the meeting in Santa Monica 1450 Ocean Avenue, The Rec Center, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier. Corner of Broadway and Ocean Avenue.


Consider this for a moment if you will:

If the current Light or Revelation of the existing churches were bright enough to bring change into this region, then why hasn't it yet? If the revelation were bright enough then why have we seen an increase in witchcraft and sodomite agendas directed toward our children?

What will change Hollywood is going to be a brighter light or revelation than the existing one. Make no mistake.

Become a Partner with Mission Hollywood and receive ALL the Prophetic Assault Worship CDs. Witness the changing of Hollywood, live and uncensored. Partner with us and experience for yourself as we bring change to Hollywood, one city at a time.

Many partners are reporting of how these tremendously anointed CDs are bringing breakthrough in Texas and other states across the nation.

You won't want to miss a single CD.

In His Abiding Love, Grace, Honor and Obedience,

The Team
Mission Hollywood


This month's excerpt from:
"The Prophecy Chronicles"

The Bible reveals that there are two types of men who wish to be leaders. The one type is he who leads God's people around in circles, always learning but never coming into the knowledge ... having their lives and those that follow them consumed in trivial pursuits, never conquering anything important for God as they are afraid of spiritual confrontation. Appearing to others to have a form or "appearance" of godliness but not walking in any demonstration of God's Holy Spirit. These are those with whom the Bible states God is not pleased, and goes on to say if we follow them we too will fall into their ditch or pit – or lower revelation, if you will.

Then there is the type who do not get ahead of God but rather were prepared by God with the anointing and wisdom to actually dethrone and change a region and a people. They actually rule and reign with Jesus from a spiritual dominion in the heavenlies over the natural realm. Jesus revealed these things in revelations and visions to John while he was on the isle of Patmos, and these are also what the prophet Daniel saw in a vision when he wrote: "Those that actually really walk with and know God will do great exploits."

And because they know that God is actually with them, that is why they have the Spirit of Caleb and Joshua and can actually enter in, dethrone the ruling giants in the clouds or heavenlies, and take back their rightful spiritual thrones of dominion that the devils or gods – other religions worship – have been occupying for thousands of years. Collecting the spoils, they change the region God called them to occupy until He comes.

Why do you think the WHOLE creation groans out for the SONS OF GOD to come forth?

Once these revelations are uncovered into the general "Church" revelation, the next vision – "A mighty spiritual army like has never been on the earth" – will be fulfilled. That spiritual army does NOT, I repeat does NOT, exist as of yet today. But many are awaking out of religiousness unto the presence of a Loving and Living God.

Many people never see breakthrough. Perhaps they have been following the pied "religious" piper instead of the "trumpets" or prophets of God. Jesus said you will know what spirit a man is of by the fruit he produces. Can you discern a conquering, overcoming spirit, or have you been taught that strength and confidence in the Lord is pride?

Do not attempt this without the in-filling of God's Holy Spirit and proper training by God! Leaders that can train and cover or protect are so important to the body of Christ in this hour.


JANUARY 26th, 2002, 7PM – The Prophetic Assault Worship Team, featuring impartation from Prophet Clyde Rivers and D.P.M. This is a night where the entire team will be moving freely in the gift of prophecy and discernment. Prophetic Worship Team includes Juan & Irene Lopez, Raymond Arms, and Robbie Mc Laughlin. Location in Santa Monica, 1450 Ocean AVENUE, The Rec Center, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier. Corner of Broadway and Ocean. Plenty of parking on the street and valet parking is available! Come to this life changing event.

JANUARY 19th – D.P.M. Is proud to host Healing Evangelist Bob Cathers' Soaring Ministries. Come for a night of healing and prophetic utterance as Apostle Bob Cathers releases a revelation of life and victory to the captives. Check out his new book, RIGHTEOUSNESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

JANUARY 12th – Two meetings. Daytime Meeting at Venice Foursquare Church. Start Time: 11 AM till 1PM. Lunch break. Continues from 2PM till 5PM.

"MISSION HOLLYWOOD" gets underway with the famous Prophetic Intercession Assault Training Seminar! Featuring Pastor Pat Bennie (Venice Foursquare Church), Prophet Clyde Rivers (Miracle Faith Church), Pastor Steve Snook (Metro Church), and Prophet D.P.M. Santa Monica).

Venice Foursquare Church is located at 1400 Riviera Avenue, at the corner of Windward and Riviera. Call 310-452-4328 for details.

JANUARY 12th, 7PM – Saturday Night Meeting in SANTA MONICA: Prophet Clyde Rivers and the Prophetic Assault team. 1450 OCEAN AVE. The Recreation Center over looking the Famous Santa Monica Pier. Corner of Broadway and Ocean AVE. There are several parking lots and street parking available. These are POWER and DEMONSTRATION meetings as we walk in the Anointing and Power of God's Holy Spirit with signs following!

JANUARY 5th, 2002 – SATURDAY NIGHT at 7PM – A time around the FIRE! As God sets into motion "MISSION HOLLYWOOD." You won't want to miss these very important meetings. Location of Meetings in SANTA MONICA: 1450 OCEAN AVE. The Recreation Center over looking the Famous Santa Monica Pier. Corner of Broadway and Ocean AVE. There are several parking lots and street parking available. Come receive a POWERFUL PROPHETIC VICTORY REVELATION of the days to ahead!

********** BEGIN 2002 *************


DECEMBER 29th, Saturday Night, 7 PM – The Prophetic Assault Team, featuring: Prophet/Pastor Clyde Rivers, Robbie McLaughlin, Raymond Arms, Juan & Irene Lopez. D.P.M. has been asked to impart the Prophetic Vision, "MISSION HOLLYWOOD." GOD does know what He is doing! Come find out what GOD is up to and be a part of making history. You won't want to miss these very important meetings. Location of Meetings in SANTA MONICA: 1450 OCEAN AVE. The Recreation Center over looking the Famous Santa Monica Pier. Corner of Broadway and Ocean AVE. There are several parking lots and street parking available. Come receive a POWERFUL PROPHETIC VICTORY REVELATION of the days to ahead!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

DECEMBER 9th, 7 PM – Back into Venice Foursquare Church. This will be an evening of releasing destiny into the lives of many. Incredible giftings of discernment will be imparted this evening. Prophetic tools that will incredibly benefit your walk. And of course the "Prophetic Assault Worship Team." AIR-RAID CDs will also be available at these meetings. Venice Foursquare Church Located at 1400 Riviera Ave. Corner of Windward and Riviera. Call 310-452-4328 for details.

DECEMBER 8th, 7 PM – Another Santa Monica prophetic Assault. This time it will be next to FOX prime time TV studios, MGM, MTV, SONY etc. lots. This one will be on 14th and Olympic at Memorial Park recreation center. 1401 Olympic AVE. Enter on 14th street. Plenty of parking. These are important times and you won't want to miss any of these prophetic meetings. Come be a part of changing the atmosphere over these production studios as we praise the Lord! Call 818-994-4007 for details.

NOVEMBER 18th, 7PM – Get ready for the "One-Two" punch, as the heavenlies are opened. Incredible accurate words of knowledge as well as financial miracles are occurring. Testimonies of health and relationship healings. Discouragement and depression are also leaving. Come be part of a winning team as we continue to "build" relationships. Venice Foursquare Church, located at 1400 Riviera Ave. Corner of Winward and Riviera in Venice, California. Call 310-452-4328 for details.

NOVEMBER 17th, 7 PM – Get ready for another weekend of "Prophetic Air Raids." Once again the "Prophetic Assault Worship Team" will do that "One-Two" Punch. Santa Monica, then Venice. Incredible testimonies of change in the region as well as financial miracles are occurring. You don't to miss any of these "Famous Santa Monica AIR-RAIDs" CDs will be made available at the meetings. This Saturday night at the Santa Monica Senior Center, 1450 Ocean AVENUE, just north of the Santa Monica Pier. Call 818-994-4007 for details.

NOVEMBER 13th – Apostle Bob Cathers of LFCC will be the guest minister on A PROPHET'S REWARD television program. If you wish to attend please call 818-994-4007 for more details. Thank you.

OCTOBER 31st – SHINING ARMOR MINISTRIES presents the "SPIRITUAL WARFARE CONFERENCE" with Pastor Rick Dodd – Venice Foursquare Church – for an impartation/restoration meeting from 7PM to 9PM. Come be a part as the Spirit of the Living God reveals mysteries in the Spirit. The presence of the Lord will be their to touch, heal and bring revelation of things to come. Venice Foursquare Church, located at 1400 Riviera Ave. Corner of Winward and Riviera off of Pacific Ave. call 310- 452-4328 for details.

OCTOBER 30th – SHINING ARMOR MINISTRIES presents the "SPIRITUAL WARFARE CONFERENCE" – Venice Foursquare, meeting from 7PM to 9PM. Come be a part as the Spirit of the Living God reveals mysteries in the Spirit. The presence of the Lord will be their to touch, heal and bring revelation of things to come. Venice Foursquare Church, located at 1400 Riviera Ave. Corner of Winward and Riviera off of Pacific Ave. call 310-452-4328 for details.

OCTOBER 27th – The Prophetic Assault Praise Team will once again hit the streets of Santa Monica from 6PM to 10PM. We will start off at the Park next to the Santa Monica Pier. If we encounter any problems we will move over to 3rd Street Promenade. This has been a most powerful time of prophetic utterance as the prophetic team assaults the atmosphere with the praises of God. Many Hundreds of people were touched as prophetic utterance went forth. Make plans to attend these prophetic concert outreaches here in one of the most influential cities around the world! Call 818-994-4007 for details.

OCTOBER 14th – The Prophetic Assault Praise Team will be at Venice Foursquare Church for an impartation/restoration meeting from 7PM to 9PM. Come be a part as the Spirit of the Living God reveals mysteries in the Spirit. The presence of the Lord will be their to touch, heal and bring revelation of things to come. Venice Foursquare Church located at 1400 Riviera Ave. Corner of Winward and Riviera off of Pacific Ave. Call 310- 452-4328 for details.

OCTOBER 13th – The Prophets continue to bring in the presence of the Living God with the Famous "Santa Monica" Prophetic Concerts with Clyde Rivers, D.P.M., Robbie McLaughlin Juan & Irene Lopez and the infamous "Ray Ray" We will be meeting indoors at the Santa Monica Senior Recreation Center 1450 Ocean Ave. 6PM till 10PM. Right next to the Santa Monica Pier. This has been a most powerful time of prophetic utterance as the prophetic team assaults the atmosphere with the praises of God. Many Hundreds of people have been touched at previous meetings as prophetic utterance went forth. Make plans to attend these prophetic concert outreaches here in one of the most influential cities in our world! Call 818-994-4007 for details.
"Click here for AIR-RAID 10.13.01"

SEPTEMBER 30th, 6:30 PM – Prophetic Praise Concert and Meeting, Venice Four Square Church, Call 818-994-4007 for details

SEPTEMBER 29th, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM – Santa Monica Promenade, Prophetic Praise Concert outreach – thousands will attend, call 818-994-4007 for details

SEPTEMBER 26th, 7:30 PM – At Venice Four Square Church, Prophet Howard Richardson. From Dallas Texas, He accurately prophesied the New York and Washington attack months before it happened! call 818-994-4007 for details

JULY 28th, 2001 – "A Prophet's Reward" Healing meeting – Santa Monica, call 818-994-4007 if you wish to attend

JULY 21st, 2001 – "A Prophet's Reward"

JULY 14th, 2001 – "A Prophet's Reward"

JULY 7th, 2001 – "A Prophet's Reward" 818-994-4007

JULY 1st – JULY 15th Out Reaches in Santa Monica/Venice California w/Youth with a Mission, call 818-994-4007 to get involved

JUNE 30th, 2001 – "A Prophet's Reward" Guest Marlene Tyler Texas Youth With A Mission call 818-994-4007 for details

JUNE 23rd, 2001 – "A Prophets Reward" Guest Dr. Bill Peters "The Nine Principles of War"

JUNE 22nd, 2001 – Sid Roth Radio interviews – Broke records

JUNE 21st, 2001 – Sid Roth Radio interviews – Taking Dominion in the Spirit!

JUNE 20th, 2001 – Sid Roth Radio interviews – Broke records

JUNE 19th, 2001 – Sid Roth Radio interviews – Broke records

JUNE 18th, 2001 – Sid Roth Radio interviews – Broke records

JUNE 2nd, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 for details

MAY 26th, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Healing Meeting – Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 to attend

MAY 19th, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 for details

MAY 12th, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Deliverance meeting Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 for details

MAY 5th, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 for details

APRIL 28th, 2001 – Taping of "A Prophet's Reward" Santa Monica California, call 818-994-4007 for details

MARCH 15th, 2001 – Florida "It's Supernatural" Sid Roth Messianic Vision Television Program

OCTOBER 31st, 2000 – Dallas National TV Network live interview "Celebration" DAYSTAR

OCTOBER 4th, 2000 – Dallas Baptist TV Network live interview "At Home Live"

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2000 – Indiana Lesea broadcast network "Harvest"


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